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Handicrafts are devices or works of art that are made completely by hand or by the use of relatively simple tools. Such goods are usually made in the traditional way of manufacturing goods. Therefore, the knowledge of the art of craft is usually passed down from one generation to another. The items made using these traditional methods of manufacturing are usually produced in smaller quantities and they often represent the culture or religious beliefs of the community that makes them. The goods are also handmade from natural materials that are found in the environment of the particular economy.

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A painting is equal to thousand words, means a beautiful painting is equal to million of words. Paintings are one of the oldest art forms -- throughout history artists have played an important role in documenting social movements, spiritual beliefs and general life and culture.

History Of Paintings: The history of painting reaches back in time to artifacts from...

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Muslim Weddings and their Rituals

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Islamic Wedding Ceremony Follow Religious Traditions
Muslim weddings are a riot of color and celebrations. The ceremonies of a Muslim marriage last up to three days. The rituals mainly consist of customs revolving around the approval of the parties involved (bride and groom) in front of guests who are the witnesses. The following article will discuss about such rituals of Muslim marriages and how they are performed.

Pre-Wedding Rituals

Mangni: This is the engagement ceremony where the going-to-be bride and groom exchange rings. This marks the onset of their matrimonial journey.

Mehendi: The ceremony of Mehendi is conducted at the bride’s home a day before the wedding. The aunts smear the girl with turmeric paste or Haldi to give a glow to her skin and the Mehendi or henna is applied on her hands and feet. The women sing traditional folk songs. After this ritual, the bride cannot move out of the house until her marriage.

Mahr: This custom involves welcoming the Baraat. The groom arrives at the venue with his family and friends along with a band of musicians. The groom is welcomed and then made to share a glass of juice with the bride`s brother. The sisters of the bride then play pranks by playfully hitting the guests with bouquets of flowers.

Wedding Rituals

Muslim Wedding Ceremony
 On the day of the wedding, also called Nikaah, a priest or Maulvi is invited to conduct the main ceremony. The women and men are supposed to sit on different ends of the separately. The fathers (Walis) of the bride and of the bridegroom play a vital role in the ceremony. The Maulvi says aloud selected verses from the holy Quran, which is followed by the Ijab-e-Qubul, after which the Nikaah is complete. Ijab-e-Qubul is the proposal & acceptance wherein the groom proposes to the beautiful bride and she conveys her acceptance by saying, “Kubool hai” (I accept.)

The elders of both families sit together and fix an amount of Mahr for the nuptial gift for the newlywed couple. This is an obligatory token amount given to the bride by the groom`s family. The marriage is registered in a contract called Nikahnama. This document is signed by the bride, groom, Walis and Maulvi. The groom then seeks the blessings of the elderly women by offering them salaam.

This is followed by prayers, dinner and Aarsimashaf. The dinner or daawat is a lavish affair with a huge spread of food. Here too, the men and women dine separately. Post-feast, the newly-weds sit together for the first time. They cover their heads and repeat prayers after the Maulvi. The holy Quran is now placed between the couple and they can see each other through mirrors.

Post-Wedding Rituals

Muslim Wedding Rituals
Rukhsat is a ritual where the bride`s relatives bid her a farewell as she leaves for her husband`s home. The father of the bride gives her hand into her husband’s and requests him to take care of her. Later at the groom’s house, the bride is welcome by keeping the Quran over her head. The fourth day after wedding, the Chauthi ceremony is held where the bride visits her parents’ home.

The wedding venue does not necessarily have to be a specific location, it may either be the groom or the bride`s house. Islamic marriages are not always extravagant, but they tend to reflect an expression of love and devotion. If you wish to find yourself a beautiful Muslim bride or a handsome groom, there are various Muslimmatrimony websites available on the internet that will help you find your soul-mate. Or you could simply let your aunts do the talking. Whatever the case be, it will certainly be a happy reunion with the most graceful customs beautifying the event.


Some of the most beautiful wedding dresses

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Some of the most beautiful wedding dresses
A wedding happens to be an event of a life time. If you are going to be part of this magnificent event then you would surely have the constant zeal or the urge deep inside your heart to flaunt the best look of yours at the wedding event.  If you are the bride then it is quite natural on your p[art to make a wish to be the apple of everyone’s eye on that particularly important day. Well, it looks like the wish is about to be fulfilled. Here are some suggestions about a few of the most beautiful wedding dresses. Check them out.

One shoulder wedding gowns

One shoulder wedding gowns are definitely going to be a perfect choice for you. As it comes to these particularly cheap wedding dresses it has to be noted that they are going to flaunt some pleated bodice. As the bodice happens to be asymmetrically done there is a different look attached to it. What really makes this belt an eye ball grabber is the fact that it is perfectly fitted with ornate as well as flawless crystal beads.

Quinceanera dresses

Brand new Quinceanera dresses are going to be great apparels to don on the event of your wedding. As you come to wear this exquisite peace of artistry you can make it a point that people are going to take note of you. These Quinceanera dresses can easily add a superiorly ornate as well as charming vintage appeal in your persona.

Wedding dresses with retro-chic touch

wedding dressesWedding dresses with retro-chic touch have got a unique aura about them. They make you look simply stunning and add a noticeable vibe to your persona. Taking a glance at them you are going to have the view that there is a relaxed aura around it and you are going to love it for this reason. In terms of its charm you can compare it to the cheap flower girl dresses.

Watch these most beautiful wedding dresses closely. You bet that you are going to add flames to the event as you appear in front of the guests donning anyone of the aforementioned materials.


KISS Band Make Up History

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KISS Band Make Up History
In 1973, two New York based struggling musicians Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley formed a small band named Wicked Lester. This two member band recorded an album that never got officially released and they eventually parted their ways. After some time Gene and Paul recruited guitarist Ace Frehley and Drummer Peter Criss to form a band named KISS. KISS was one of the highly influential rock and roll bands of all times. The career milestones of KISS are confounding, boasting four successful decades of their record breaking tours all over the world. KISS performed successfully for almost 30 years and then by the end of year 2000 these masked marvels of the rock world blew their final Kiss to their fans. The legacy of this renowned band continues to grow transcending creed, race and age.

Makeup by KISS

In the early 1970`s a rock genre that was immensely popular was Glitter Rock. KISS was profoundly influenced by this genre and loved the escapism which existed behind the glam and glitter. In order to accentuate their attitude the band members of KISS decided to wear a weird makeup which they called as War Paint along with ever-evolving outlandish kind of outfits and clown makeup.

They even wore different patterns which later on became their recognition. For example, Guitarist Paul Stanley wore Star Child, Ace adopted the makeup of Spaceman, Peter became the cat and the bassist Gene became the demon. The other band members also adopted different characters for their makeup.

Makeup by KISSIn the words of Gene Simmons - The time when we were forming our band in New York there was a huge glitter scene where boys used to put makeup and act like girls. So we also got influenced by this and became outlandish in our appearance. We were not a grateful dead type of band which would get on stage and look worse. Going onstage was like a holy place for all of us and this is where our dressing and makeup came in.

Gene also said that when the KISS characters became iconic, inspiring a lucrative line of Halloween costumes, lunch boxes, action figures and even coffins & hello kitty fashions, there was no marketing team, celebrity stylist or a real master plan behind this.

Critics reaction to KISS's makeup

Critics never liked the KISS for what it was doing but fans were growing slowly and steadily. The fans banded together and preferred to be known as KISS army. As KISS became popular, their costumes became even more elaborate.

How the makeup era in KISS came to an end

In 1983 the band sported the biggest change and for the very first time they decided to put off their makeup which they used to call as war paint and become a normal rock and roll band. Their costume became steadily nonexistent and the stage shows also scaled down considerably. After this, they always performed without makeup and outlandish costumes. With this change, they developed new fans purely on the basis of their music.

Practice Safety with Your ATV Winch

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Practice Safety with Your ATV Winch
Buying and installing a winch is one thing, knowing how to use it safely is another. Winching isn’t difficult, but it can be dangerous if you do not know how to do it correctly. Before you attempt to use your new winch, make sure that you understand these safety precautions:

1. Read

Any winch that you buy comes with an installation and operation manual. If you choose to install the winch yourself, be sure to follow the instructions to the letter. Take time to read the operations section of the manual before operating your winch. The instruction manual will outline safe operating practices that must be followed. If you have questions after reading the manual, contact the manufacturer for answers and clarification.

2. Practice

After you've read the manual, practice using the winch. When a situation presents itself that requires the use of your winch, it will undoubtedly be a high-stress event. Don't count on being able to remember what you've read when you have adrenaline coursing through your body. Sit with your operator's manual and practice using the winch as is outlined. Practice several times until you can operate the winch in a safe manner.

3. The Wire

Before you use the winch for the first time, take care to stretch the wire rope properly. According to ATV experts, stretching the rope ahead of time reduces the likelihood of wire failure when pulling. When using the wire rope to pull, leave at least one layer on the drum. One layer is equal to approximately five wraps. Over-extending the wire rope can cause it to pull away from the drum, rendering it useless.

4. Watch the Clutch

How you operate the clutch can make the difference between smooth operation and a terrible accident. Once you have disengaged the clutch, make sure that it is full disengaged. Never engage the clutch when the winch is in operation, and never disengage when the wire rope is taut. Make a note of proper clutch operation and keep it nearby until you are used to using your winch the right way.

5. Battery

Practice Safety with Your ATV WinchUsing the winch can drain your battery quickly. Make note of your battery's charge both before and after winch operation. If using the winch drains your battery, you may want to consider an upgrade. Pulling your ATV out of a tight spot won't make a bit of difference if you don't have enough juice to make it back to your vehicle. Think about your battery's power capabilities when choosing a winch. Keep in mind that you may be required to spend money on both a winch and a battery that is capable of operating it efficiently.

Winches are a fantastic addition to any ATV used for off-roading and trail riding. If you don't know how to use your winch correctly, it can also be a very dangerous addition. Take the time to learn how to use your winch the right way to ensure that it is the useful tool it was designed to be.

Ready to Put Your Business Skills to Work and Open a Music Venue? Read This First!
At end of last year, the British arm of music promotion company Live Nation made headlines when its Chief Operating Officer, John Probyn offered a few startling revelations. He began by mentioning how 2012 was a particularly bleak year for the live music industry, but not in the ways many people might have expected. Instead of discussing how seats were empty because of poor economic conditions and a lack of disposable income, Probyn talked about how the music fans who did come to events were extremely picky. In one example he gave to The Guardian newspaper, some female patrons were because of rainy weather at an outdoor event!

Keeping Things on a Small Scale

Although troubles with grumpy patrons aren’t likely to go away anytime soon, a more favorable alternative may exist in opening a small music venue, such as one that doubles as a coffeehouse or a cafĂ©. There, the number of people you have to please is much smaller. Keep reading to explore two other thought-provoking reasons why if you’re thinking of starting a music venue, bigger isn’t always better.

A Chance to Set the Mood

At a large concert stadium, it’s usually very hard to create a unique atmosphere, partially because in order to keep things funded, it’s often necessary to accept sponsorship from large companies. In that case, you may be barred from using anything quirky in terms of decor, specifically because you have a particular reputation to uphold: That of the sponsor.

If you’re content to keep things on the smaller side, that gives plenty of freedom. Take the example of The Artful Dodger, a combination cocktail lounge and coffeehouse near the campus of James Madison University, in Harrisonburg, Virginia. By day, the establishment serves up delicious breakfast dishes and shots of espresso to students cramming for exams. As night falls, people stop by in search of expertly mixed cocktails served in chilled martini glasses. Everything from open mic nights to poetry readings takes place on a small stage in the corner of the room, and the decor is decidedly eclectic, featuring inventively styled cuckoo clocks, old-fashioned tin signs and plenty of local artwork.

A Launch Pad for Community Artists

Ready to Put Your Business Skills to Work and Open a Music Venue? Read This First!How would you feel if your venue was responsible for kickstarting the career of someone who is now considered by many to be a musical great like Bruce Springsteen or Tom Petty? The music industry is very volatile, and you can never be absolutely certain someone you host in your venue will turn out to be a huge star, but there’s something to be said for going with gut instincts. Besides offering ever popular open mic nights, think about creating an artist or band in residence program that features hand-picked performers coming to your venue on a regular basis for a specific window of time. For logistical reasons, it’s not practical to have residency programs at huge stadiums.

The Winter Line, an up-and-coming folk duo that spends time playing throughout Virginia’s Blue Ridge region, does a monthly residency at Milli Jo Coffeehouse in Charlottesville, VA, but this opportunity was only granted to them once they had already proven themselves to be reliable, talented and able to offer music that was a good fit for the coffee-minded crowd. Before you choose this option for your own establishment, it’s well worth having similar standards in place, especially if there are many musicians in the community who would love the chance to play in your venue regularly.

If you’re ready to put your entrepreneurial skills to good use by starting your own business, keep the above information in mind. It could be particularly useful if you’ve always dreamed of doing your part to cultivate the local music scene.

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How to Find a Construction Company in Central Jutland

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Employee of Construction Company
My husband and I are lucky enough to live in the beautiful area of Central Jutland but the house we have lived in for some time now is just a little too small for our needs. So we found ourselves in the position of looking around to see what else was available for our budget and surprisingly realized that besides purchasing an existing house we could also have one built to our specifications. As this was something we had dreamed about doing, we decided to find a construction company in Central Jutland and make our dream come true.

Now at this point I want to say that having a house built was not the easiest thing that we have ever done and we managed to fall into a few traps at the start. However we eventually found the perfect construction company in Central Jutland and things were much more smooth sailing after that. Below are some of the things that we learnt while searching for a reputable construction company that you may find helpful if you decide to follow in our footsteps and have you own home built.

The first thing that you need to do is research. Now this may seem like the most obvious statement that I could possibly make, but I mean hours and hours of research rather than just having a quick look in the business directory under construction companies in Central Jutland and picking a couple at random. Talk to your friends and relatives that have had building work done and see who they used and what their experience was. Also have a drive around and if you see building work going on anywhere get out and ask questions. No reputable construction company is going to mind you having a look at what they are doing or ask a few questions. After all you could be a potential client.

Think about the sort of build that you will be requiring. Will you be using specialist materials in any parts of the house or be requiring certain techniques or finishes? If the answer is yes then you may find that you have to choose a construction company in Central Jutland that knows how to work with the materials or carry out the work. It may be that you can arrange for a specialist to be temporarily employed by the construction company you choose to build the majority of the property, but these are things that will need to be discussed at the initial meeting rather than a few weeks down the line.

Analysis of Construction CompanyFinally your budget is important and sticking to it will place a restraint on you, but don’t make the mistake of jumping at the lowest quote that you get. This is a major project and at the finish you will have a place that you want to call home for many years to come. So take your time and only go ahead with the project if you are sure that you have the best construction company in Central Jutland to do the job for you. 

Storage Solutions For The Modern Home

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Storage Solutions For The Modern HomeSummary: An interesting look at some funky storage options to help keep your home tidy if you are challenged for space.

Your house if full of stuff. It's a modern malady. As we accumulate more stuff, it gets tougher to keep it nicely out of the way or off the floor. With a lot of places, storage can be a major problem, especially if you don't have a good selection of cupboards to tuck things away into. Fortunately, there are some clever bods out there who have created some fab storage ideas and tricks to make life a little bit easier. Here are five clever storage solutions for today's homes.

Cupboard Door Storage

One way of improving your storage options is doubling up the storage you already have. You're sure to have at least one cupboard in your place that's already doing plenty of work as a storage area/place to shove stuff in. Imagine if you could get even more mileage out of it. That's where door storage comes in. You can get special hanging storage units that hook on the top of your cupboard door, providing racks to put any extra bits and pieces that need sorting. Just be sure your cupboard doors can take it.


Alcoves often offer a mixed bag of opportunity when it comes to available space. There's a temptation to leave them as is, without adding any shelving, simply because they look like an interesting feature. Believe me, you'll love your alcove shelves far more than the redundant space. It's important to check that the wall can support shelving, of course. The benefit is that you get a smartly fitted area for books, keepsakes or, if the light's right, plants. It makes for an attractive talking point too.

 Shoe Shelves

The shoe rack has evolved! There's a certain convention that dictates that your shoes should always be close to the floor when we kick them off. It seems cemented in our minds that it's just the way things are done. Not so! You can stack and store and hang them however you like, and shoe shelves make this a reality. Hang them within cupboards or up on walls to provide a brilliant alternative to the standard stacking or shoving into a cupboard. This is a really good system for when there's no cupboard space in your hallway or by the front door.

 Tins and Boxes

Modern Home
It seems simple, but it's surprising how much difference boxes can be to improving space. This is often the simplest and most affordable way of getting your home storage solutions sorted out. Some nicely designed boxes can even be stacked in plain sight, and it won't look too out of place. There are many types of storage containers that can look the part, from functional designs for home offices from places such as Staples, or the rather more fun and stylish items like TheBright Side Man Tin. The latter is brilliant for keeping all those oddments together, like nuts and bolts and the worrying number of left over screws from the flatpack furniture you've been building! Boxes and tins are possibly the easiest solution when you're giving your home a bit more of space.

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NYC Parking Coupons - Get'em While They're Hot!

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NYC Parking Coupons - Get'em While They're Hot!Summary: If you are planning a trip to New York City, you need to think about how much you are going to spend.

If you are planning a trip to New York City, you need to think about how much you are going to spend. The cost of things in New York often surprises many visitors. A little planning and you can overcome some of the costs and make them more affordable.

Parking Coupons

The first thing you are going to have to do when you arrive in New York is park your car. It is much easier to find a place to keep your car for the day or weekend and use other forms of transportation to get around the city. The streets of New York are crowded and confusing. If you park your car, you stay will be less stressful.

The price of parking may raise your stress level, but the coupons that can be found will take care of that. If you search the internet, you can find coupons that allow you to park for as little as $19 a day at some of the lots. It is important that you print out these coupons before you travel. The internet also allows you to find parking lots in different parts of the city.

Food Coupons
The food in New York City is as diverse as the people that live there. The cost for the food is enough to give people heart pains. Like parking, finding coupons on the internet could make eating in the city a lot more affordable. There are plenty of restaurants that offer these coupons and you should be able to find several that interest you.

Event Coupons

If you want to take in a Broadway show or enjoy a bus tour through different parts of the city, you will be able to find coupons that make it a little cheaper. You may have to deal with some restrictions, but the savings are often worth it.

Free Stuff

The best thing about New York City is the amount of stuff that you can get for free. Concerts in Central Park, street performers on the corner and other festivals happen all of the time. These types of things may not require any coupons. If you combine them with the savings you get from using parking coupons and other coupons that you find, you can enjoy New York City for even less money.

The coupons and deals that you can find will help make your trip to New York City more affordable. There is one catch that everyone needs to be aware of. The coupons only work if you get them and then you use them. Take advantage of the NYC parking coupons when you find them.
NYC Parking Coupons
Companies like Icon parking offer coupons that allow you to save money on that aspect of your trip. The key is to search for deals and coupons before you take your trip and make sure that you take advantage of them.

You do not want to find out that you missed your chance to save a lot of money. The use of the coupons could make it easier for you to return to New York more often. The lack of use will leave you hoping that you will have the money to return some day.

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Homer Simpson's Guide To The Best NYC Parking

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Simpson's Guide To The Best NYC Parking
Summary: Realistically, if you want to get around Manhattan, especially if your travel takes you across to New Jersey, upstate New York or across Long Island...

Homer Simpson's Guide to the Best NYC Parking

You could choose to live your life inside a yellow cab, but you would be missing all that is going on in the world's liveliest city. Realistically, if you want to get around Manhattan, especially if your travel takes you across to New Jersey, upstate New York or across Long Island, you are going to require your own vehicle and you will need somewhere to park it. Street parking is not an option. D'oh!

How to avoid simple parking

Marge knows of several options to save you from parking your vehicle in New York City. One of the worst options is to waste an hour or two of every day of your life trying to master alternate side street parking. Every morning and every night you will drive around the block looking for a spot. This will become your new entertainment and you can cancel your cable package because you will get home just after all your favorite programs have ended. There is good news with this idea though, because after you have parked at least a mile away from your final location each day, at least you will get fit walking home.

Check out the forums

Bart, Lisa and Maggie will be checking out the many forums that debate living and working across Manhattan and the inevitable subject always crops up; where is the best place to park?

There is always someone offering some advice that might save you a dollar if you can understand the location and method of reaching an individual car space, but when you try and use their advice, the other 30,000 people that read the same forum are queuing up waiting to take advantage of that one miracle spot.

Move home
Despite all the advice that suggests that you move out of the city and live at least two hours drive away from your office so that you can drive in every day and park within 100 yards of a suitable train or bus station, it still doesn't cut it when you need your vehicle to move you quickly and efficiently from Battery Park up to Central Park, across to the Village and then to Chinatown for a satisfying dinner.

Myths and legends

It really is quite simple to find suitable and affordable vehicle parking across Manhattan; you just have to know where to look.

The best NYC parking involves simply clicking through the Internet to find companies like Icon Parking Systems where you will have access to over 200 parking facilities across almost all of Manhattan's prestigious neighborhoods, business districts and the high-profile locations.

Parking GuideYou can access this information on a laptop, tablet, cell phone or any other computer device. You can download the app for your Android or Apple gadget, find your favorite parking facility and simply choose from the many coupons on offer, to find your best deal. This leaves you free to negotiate the rest of your day and make the most of every spare minute as you work, rest and play.

Where you still insist on looking for free parking, there is every prospect that you will miss your work, your family and all of your meal times. You might also see your vehicle on a tow truck disappearing into the distance because you didn't read the parking signs correctly. D'oh!

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Finding Parking In NYC

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Multilevel ParkingSummary: Parking in Manhattan is tough, but parkades can make it easier by offering several options that will work for your parking needs.

Parking in NYC is a pain, and Manhattan is no exception. With over eight million residents, tourists and visitors parking is at a premium.

You may be able to take a bus, or a taxi, around town but there are plenty of times when those modes of transportation just aren't going to work. Standing for long periods of time at a bus stop in the middle of winter is not fun, even worse if you find the bus is full and you have to stand. Taxis are expensive and you can't rely on one to be available when and where you need it, which once again, leaves you standing around and waiting.

If you're lucky enough to find street parking it is difficult to get in to. When you return to your vehicle it's not uncommon to find that the vehicle in front, or behind you, played a game of bumper tag. You may even find that the spaces around you are too tight to get your vehicle out.

This is where parking garages, also known as parkades, come in. They let you drive your vehicle and park it in a safe, secure location. In Manhattan there are hundreds of parkades so the odds are pretty good that you will find one close to where you want to go. The nice thing about parking garages is that your car is there when you want it, allowing you to leave on your schedule, not the bus's.

Monthly Parking

Whether you are a resident or regularly work in the Manhattan area this may be the option to go with. Many parking garages will let an individual rent a space for a monthly fee. It may work out more expensive than paying a daily or hourly fee, but it guarantees that a parking spot will always be available for you at that locale. Different lots are going to charge different amounts based upon their location and the location of the spot. Parking spots closer to exits, and with easier access, will cost more.

Hourly Parking

Parkades offer hourly rates. You receive a time stamped ticket when you enter the garage and when you leave, with your vehicle, you will pay an attendant, or a machine, based upon your length of stay.

Daily Parking

For those who will be parking for 6 to 12 hours many of the parking garages offer a daily fee, which works out to be slightly less than the hourly rate. Different garages will have different parameters for their daily rates.

Save Money

Finding Parking In NYC
Parking may be expensive, but there are still ways to save money. Look for early bird specials that provides a discounted rate to early arrivals. Another common discount is often applied in the evenings for vehicles arriving after 6pm, many of these late night specials will even let you park overnight, at a reduced rate, provided you leave by a certain hour. Icon Parking systems runs a large portion of the garages, including many in the Manhattan area, and by watching their website you can frequently find valuable parking coupons.

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