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3 Fascinating Advancements In Surgical Instruments

Posted by Art Of Legend India [dot] Com On 12:34 AM

Surgical Dental Veterinary Instruments Summary: Surgical instruments have come a long way since people started needing medical procedures done.

Surgical instruments have come a long way since people started needing medical procedures done.  Think of the first surgeons, before there may have even been a word for “surgeon” ever.  Historians believe that even teeth were used to conduct surgical procedures in the earliest days.  At the very least, rudimentary tools like rocks and basic knives were very common.  If you’ve ever watched a Western or a movie about the Civil War, you’ve seen tools like hacksaws being used in surgery.

Thankfully, times have changed!  Technological advancements have taken surgery a long way in a short period of time. Today, you’re going to read about a few different types of tools that have evolved and have made operations much easier for patients and doctors.

Cauterizing scalpels

There was a time when doctors believed the best way to heal a patient were to draw out as much blood as possible.  Bloodletting was a very common practice.  We know better today, and we have tools that lessen the chances of patient blood loss.

A surgeon in the Clinical Neurosciences Center at the University of Utah helped innovate and operate the firsts calpel that cauterizes as it cuts.  They claim the scalpel is totally bloodless, and is really a revolutionary tool.  It seals the blood vessels so there’s virtually no bleeding, which also makes for a cleaner suture.

Laser scalpels

Another advancement in surgical instruments is the laser scalpel.  It’s an extremely precise cutting mechanism used on tissues with high water content.  They vaporize the tissue to cut it open, and this method provides many benefits to patients:
  • Less bleeding - The laser cauterizes blood vessels as it cuts so they don’t bleed.
  • Less pain - It seals nerve endings as it cuts, so your nerves won’t register as much pain.
  • Less inflammation - Knives, even sharp ones, tear and bruise, and that causes swelling around the cut.  Lasers eliminate that because they don’t tear.

Robotic surgery

Surgical Instruments
Perhaps the most fascinating improvement is robotic surgery.  This type of surgery has been deemed “da Vinci surgery”, which is an obvious reference to the artist and inventor, Leonardo Da Vinci. Many assume that a robot is doing all the work. However, it is actually when a surgeon uses a console to manipulate the robot’s actions, which is facilitated by a camera that’s a part of the robot.  This allows for much finer detail, precision-like incisions and also allows surgeons to operate in tighter areas.  It’s truly one of the bigger advancements and will only get better as doctors and nurses become more familiar with its use.

These are just a few of the surgical advancements in today’s medical world.  With more research, more inventors and more creativity; it’ll only keep advancing.  Imagine a day when our advanced tools seem rudimentary to our grandchildren!  It’ll be amazing to see how these types of technology develop over time.

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