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Bedtime Urban Legends That Make Us Squirm

Posted by Art Of Legend India [dot] Com On 11:22 PM
Bedtime Urban Legends That Make Us Squirm
Summary: Does you mattress double in size every 10 years? Do you routinely swallow spiders in your sleep? These and other bedtime myths.

Forget those childish fears about what’s lurking underneath your bed. Perhaps what you need to be concerned about is what’s lurking inside your bed, or more precisely what’s crawling inside your mattress. How about what insects you’re accidently swallowing?

These are some of the adult fears that may prove to be more urban legend than fact, but nonetheless keep us squirming.

Mattress Doubling in Weight 

In 2000, the Wall Street Journal reported that scientists claimed that your mattress doubles in weight every ten years. The cause of this supposed weight gain would of course be due to nasty dust mites, old sweat and sloughed off skin. This being a somewhat reputable publication, understandably many believed this myth. However, some digging done on the part of Cecil Adams, from the Straight Dope, revealed that the reporter had ‘misunderstood’ the scientist interviewed. He had merely stated that there were absurd stories circulating the web, and mentioned the mattress doubling in weight as an example.

Sweaty Nights

Advertisers and marketers selling mattresses or cleaning equipment often claim that every person sweats out a litre per night. Quite a scary statistic, but if this were true, perhaps our deeper concern would be dehydration rather than mattress cleaning. Sweating while at rest is minimal below 85 degrees. Total water loss for an average healthy young male averages about 200 millilitres per eight hours of sleep, and much of that is simply exhaled, not absorbed by the mattress. You could perhaps lose a litre of sweat through night sweats, but this would only be under special circumstances, hardly as a general rule.


The story goes that if you and a baby were sleeping side by side, you could roll over and kill the baby. Is this true? Well, maybe. Ordinarily, were you to roll over on to an infant, you should usually wake up. However, should you be heavily sedated or drunk, there is a chance of not waking up and suffocating your child.

Spider Swallowing

Sleepin with OrangesThe statistic that everyone swallows four spiders a year, or some variant of the statistic, is a ‘fact’ that’s been touted for years. This is hardly likely though. Why would a spider ever want to approach the human mouth? Spiders are pretty adept at crawling out of danger’s way, and the gaping human mouth out of which air is constantly inhaled and exhaled would definitely count as a nogozone for arachnids. Unless spiders are accidently dropping off the celling directly over your mouth, and you just happen to have your mouth facing the ceiling wide open, this probably won’t happen.

These urban legends and others have been making the rounds for years. However, the most you probably have to watch out for is making sure you’re getting enough beauty sleep.

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