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How To Create A Bedroom Your Kids Can Share

Posted by Art Of Legend India [dot] Com On 12:23 AM

How to Make your Bedroom DesignSummary: Sharing a bedroom is never easy especially for kids. But this tips can make it easier on parents and siblings alike!

How To Create A Bedroom Your Kids Can Share

Growing up can be a very difficult time for children, especially if they have to share a room with a sibling at any point. No child has the exact same interests or personality so room sharing can often lead to arguments and fights, neither of which is ideal for parents or the children themselves.

So, to ensure room sharing in your home goes off without a hitch, here are some handy tips to keep in mind: 

Work out and agree (with your children) what the best layout is

Just as you and your partner will need your own space at times, so will your children. It is therefore worth planning out where each child’s individual space is in the room. You will also need to plan out where their shared space is. It is crucial these set spaces are agreed on by your children; otherwise you will get complaints of unfair treatment down the line.

To create private spaces, try and use the opposite corners of the room, building out from the corner as this will make sure you make the most of the space you have available for each child. Alternatively, if the room is only being shared by two children, you can quite simply split the room down the middle; you then have two obvious separate sections. You can make this division more obvious by using some furniture as the partition down the middle, such as a screen or a bookcase.  

Creating a shared space, can be achieved by the incorporation of something they both enjoy or like, such as beanbag chairs in front of a TV or a blackboard wall where they can both draw on and stick photos of friends and family.  

Make sure all children have adequate storage

Since one room is expected to hold double (or triple) the amount of storage, you will have to carefully consider every furniture purchase you make. For instance, when buying beds, you may wish to consider bunk beds, as these obviously only take up half the floor space. They are also generally very popular with kids, although you may need to start a rota for who gets the top and who gets the bottom bunk!

Alternatively, if you have adequate floor space, you can buy beds with drawers underneath, which will help you with each child’s individual storage needs. It’s also a good idea to put up shelves in each child’s individual space, as they can then store their own books, toys and games in full view but tidily.

Getting the aesthetics right

For your own sake, it is worth planning the decoration and furnishings well in advance of your children moving into the room. If you don’t, you will find there are disagreements and sometimes even vandalism in protest at how they rooms has been painted, what curtains have been put up and even what duvet covers are being used.

Kids RoomSo, make sure all children have a say in the colour their room is painted. Hopefully you will be able to come to a compromise on the colour and if not, it is possible you might be able to split the room somehow so you can use the children’s favourite colours without making the room look too ghastly.

As far as curtains and carpets go, always choose natural colours that won’t look out of place with anything else. With the smaller furnishings such as duvet and pillow covers, these should be easy to address; just follow the aesthetics and design of each child’s separate section.

Once you have got all the larger, pricier interior design aspects sorted, as above, it will then be a lot more straightforward finishing off all the smaller aspects. In general, the smaller aspects should be decided on by your children, in order to ensure they feel their private space, in their shared room, really is their own.

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