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Intuition Is Your Super Power (The Dangerous Drug Paxil)

Posted by Art Of Legend India [dot] Com On 1:47 AM
Dangerous drugsSummary: Wondering how dangerous the prescription drug Paxil is? Read this article to find out.

Times have changed so much and so much that we are loosing are children at an alarming rate. We are loosing them because of alcohol, shootings and drugs, but also we are loosing our children because they fall victim of teasing and abuse from there school peers. Many do not think much of this, especially if they have the popular child but some who have the gifted child or the one that stands out in any way or one that has a unique name or disability are normally the ones that are pointed at, talked about, harassed, and even physically abused because of the simple fact that they are different. As a result some children have gone so far as to take their own life. Some parents who notice changes with their children take them to the hospital and sometimes are diagnosed with having depression. Here is where Paxil comes into the picture.

Paxil is a drug for people with depression and suicidal thoughts. The average age has decreased within the last ten years because of the issues with children being teased and killing themselves. Many think they are able to go home and relax but that is another thing that has changed within the new millennium because with all of the technology we have now all the students need is the Facebook name, phone number to text and other types of media to continue the harassment at home. Dateline did a couple of stories with how this epidemic is giving bullies more control and to the point where the child has no where to breathe and get away from the harassment. Giving them a drug is the last thing that any parents wants to do but they think they would rather save their lives and keep them above ground rather then taking their chances with the teachers and advisors that say they will handle the problem. This is a situation where Paxil may come in, and many parents may think it could be the superhero that brightens their child’s day but with all of the precautions one must do to take this pill might make them think otherwise.

Paxil With this pill that is supposed to be for 18 years of age or older but sometimes given to younger if others drugs have no worked will have to be anything but a easy start. Parents would have to keep a close eye on their child to the point where they might not be able to be in a room a lone for long or not allowed to lock a door because this pill may help stop the suicidal thoughts but it is also known to enhance these thoughts and make them want to harm themselves even more. Some parents may even need to sleep in their child’s room for the first couple of months to see how their child reacts with the medicine because of the side effects. Parents also need to do their research and know that this pill can cause blood clots, kidney problems and other life threatening things that when their child gets older they may be a live but might now need more medications because of the harm that the Paxil pill (which caused many Paxil Lawsuits caused their young body. 

Being a parent is never easy, especially when you have to be the body guard and protector from the classmates and other children in the school. Some parents want to make it easier on their child and think a pill is the answer but that is only the short term because 17 years of school to end up with kidney failure then having to live the rest of their life dependent on another pill because of one decision that felt right or one that would put a smile or some ease on your young ones face. No parent wants to see their child like this but here are a list of other things you can do that could help.
  • Counseling - some kids may need to sit down to talk and may need someone who they don’t live with and one who they can tell the whole truth and not needing to hide their emotions
  • Groups - there are now groups of kids and parents of kids who are teased and this helps both to not only get through but also to find friends that they can play and hang out with and parents whom you can call for advice
  • Websites and blogs - Allow your child to create and write their own blog or vlog to keep them creative and to let their voice heard, this helps with self esteem and also to keep their mind off of what is happening at school
  • Family outings - Once a week or month do a family thing either a board game or go to an event, movie nights and fun things that gives the child joy and gives them encouragement
Those are just a few things but just know a pill is not always the solution no matter what any doctor says. Use your super power of intuition and always remember that a compliment and “I love you” does help no matter the situation.

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