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Maintaining Your Open Fire Throughout The Summer

Posted by Art Of Legend India [dot] Com On 6:01 AM
firesideSummary: This article provides advice and tips on how to maintain your stove/fire during summer so that it is in fine nick when the colder nights comes back around.
As summer is fast approaching, you may be wondering how you can maintain an open fire/stove to ensure that the fire is ready for the winter months in terms of preparation and so forth. You could just leave it not really a good idea though, why? Leaving an open fire/stove all summer without keeping up with maintenance may create problems and hassle when it comes to firing it back up again for autumn and winter.

Just imagine that you have left your car for two months without switching the engine on or cleaning it (even if it hasn’t been run), the car will take a while to get it back to where it was performance wise. I am not suggesting for one minute that s stove is like a car; however, the more you look after your stove, the longer your stove will be in top condition.

Bearing that in mind, here are a few tips to keep your open fire/stove in the best condition possible.

Empty the Ash Pan

Your ash pan can sometimes collect hot ashes and start to pile up and the lower side of the ash pan may cause distortion and eventually lose its shape. So, if you have not already emptied it, then I suggest you do to save you time, money and the hassle of buying another due to the loss of shape.  You should try to empty the ash pan at least once a week, just to make sure you do not have a collection of ash in the pan.

Clean the glass

Generally modern stoves are now fitted with an air wash system that helps when it comes to keeping glass clean on the stove. If your stove is not clean, you will find it very difficult to get any unwanted marks off of the glass further down the line, which is a pity as one of the main features of a stove is being able to look into your fire through the glass. So make sure you clean stove glass as often as you can; daily is what manufacturers say, but in practice this just does not happen not at my house anyway once a week should be adequate using specialist cleaning products for stoves or if you want to try using newspaper dipped in malt vinegar, this also cleans stove glass.

Never use any product that is abrasive to try and clean the glass as this will indefinitely cause damage to the glass permanently.

Check for Rust

Every now and again you should check for rust on your stove; modern stoves should not have this issue, but it doesn’t harm to check it now and again. If you do come across any rust on a stove, rub the affected area with wire wool and apply specialised stove paint; stoves are a great feature in the home and you should make sure it looks good.

Clean the Baffle/Throat plate

This is an important part when maintaining your stove throughout summer; soot and other harmful elements gather making the stove less efficient due to blocking the flue and because of this reason there is potential danger  the materials are flammable. All you have to do to make sure this doesn’t happen is to clean the baffle/throat plate once a week.

Check Rope Seals

Every stove has a specialist heat resistant fire rope that goes around the glass door. Rope seals ensure that the door closes properly; you do not want any air getting into the stove whilst the fire is burning; this makes your stove inefficient in terms of the amount of heat it generates.

Over a period of time the rope may become worn and because of this reason, you should aim to check the rope seal once a month. A great way to check properly is to trap a thin piece of paper in the door and if the paper drops or can be pulled out easily you will need to replace the rope seal to get your stove in full working order.

Hire a Chimney Sweep

FireplacesIf you hire a chimney sweep once/twice a year will help to stop or minimise the risk of chimney fires; build-up of creosote is known to cause chimney fires and also reduces the efficiency of your stove.

Leave the door ajar during extended periods of non-use

Leave the door of the stove slightly ajar if you intend to not use the stove for more than a few days; during summer months, it is more than likely that you will not need to use the stove very often. Leaving the glass door slightly open enables air to flow throughout the system and in turn, helps to stop corrosion.

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