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Overview Of Medicines To Help You Quit Smoking

Posted by Art Of Legend India [dot] Com On 7:21 AM
Overview Of Medicines To Help You Quit SmokingSummary: Some of the differences between and considerations of the medications that can help people stop smoking.

One interesting theory put forward about why people smoke, is based on the profound knowledge we all have that we will someday, inevitably die. Smoking then is some kind of psychoanalytic desire to maintain an active hand in our own deaths. Perhaps along with this we could throw in some Freudian jargon about oral fixation.

Your reasons for smoking are probably simpler, though, at least on a conscious level. However, over half of people who smoke in fact want to quit. If you are considering medical assistance, there are several medical interventions you can choose from, each with their own set of considerations.

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)

NRT slowly releases nicotine into the bloodstream, and isn’t meant to replace smoking, but to help wean you off the habit. The medicine comes in the form of chewing gum, nasal and mouth spray, inhalator, microtabs, lozenges and patches. All forms can be bought over-the-counter from any pharmacy, although you can obtain a prescription for it as well.

Smoking has both a physical addiction and psychological habit. The benefit of this medicine is that by giving you nicotine, NRT can limit the physical withdrawals, while you work on the psychological aspect of quitting. 

Side effects depend on what form of NRT you use, and includes headaches, nausea and dizziness, skin rashes, irritation, sore throats, runny noses and watery eyes.

Although technically the nicotine from NRT is still addictive, the harmful health effects are far less than with cigarettes, and NRT medication would be a much easier habit to break.


Zyban was originally produced to help people with depression, but then it was noticed that the medication seemed to alleviate the desire to smoke in test subjects.

You need a prescription to use this pill, and the side effects can be quite serious so you would need to monitor your state very carefully. Like other antidepressants, Zyban can augment feelings of depression.

Zyban has helped many to quit once and for all, but unfortunately only seems to work in the case of one in five people. However, the desire to smoke is less likely to return after stopping treatment than in the cases of other medication.

The effects of Zyban is still not fully understood, but it’s assumed that the drug works on the areas of the brain associated with addiction and the pleasurable effects of nicotine, reducing the desire to smoke and dampening the physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Those who quit describe simply never feeling like smoking again. This medication therefore works on both the psychological and physical aspects of smoking.


Quiting Smoking
This is also a prescription drug, but works by stimulating the same receptors in the brain that nicotine does, and also inhibiting the effect of nicotine on these receptors, so that you are unable to enjoy nicotine if you do have a cigarette. The most commonly reported side effect of Champix is nausea, but can also affect your mood and behavior.

Unfortunately though, although clinical trials report an initial higher rate of success for quitting than in Zyban, some find that after treatment the urge to smoke returns.

Some more tips

Avoid situations for a while where others you know will be smoking. Other smokers very often aren’t that supportive when you try to quit, and are only too happy to ‘bum’ you a smoke. Also, try exercising. Studies show that after a workout, smokers trying to quit don’t feel like a cigarette. Further, avoid those triggers that you associate with smoking, like coffee and alcohol. Changing your habits, some measure of persistence, and a little medical assistance, might be what you need to quit the habit once and for all when you’re ready to.  

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