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Research Findings On The Relationship Between Ethnicity, Race And Cancer

Posted by Art Of Legend India [dot] Com On 5:40 AM
Symptoms CancerSummary: Cancer is a chief health problem in America as well as around the globe. Research shows that in 1994, approximately 534,300 deaths occurred in the United States.

Cancer is a chief health problem in America as well as around the globe. Research shows that in 1994, approximately 534,300 deaths occurred in the United States were because of cancer. Out of this, 465,800 were Caucasians, 59,900 were African Americans and 8,600 among Americans of other races. Cancer is significantly high amongst these races and ethnicities, but however, the surprising factor is that differences do exist in cancer mortality and incidence among these populations. Finding out information on these differences would help to identify new ways of tackling the problem of cancer and reducing it to a certain extent.

Cancer data about African Americans and whites are available a national level, but data on cancer of other American racial and ethnic populations are unavailable and are published infrequently. 

Cancer Rates Overall 

Overall cancer rates vary amongst US ethnic and racial population. Highest rates for men were amongst African American. Lowest rates were amongst American Indians from New Mexico. Apart from the above, even Asian men in America had low rates of cancer incidence.

The cancer rates amongst women were significantly lower than all racial and ethnic groups of men. Highest were amongst Alaskan Native women and white women. The lowest rates were amongst American Indian women and Korean women.

Amongst men and women, Hawaiians, Alaska Natives, African Americans and whites experienced high mortality rates. The rates were at least 40% higher than those of other populations. 

Population Profiles

African Americans

African Americans are defined as ‘people whose roots include ancestors who originated from any part of Africa’. At present, African Americans are the second largest racial group in US. Nearly 30 million African Americans are living in US and they make up 12% of the US population.

According to research, the 3 most frequently diagnosed cancers among African American men were bronchus, prostate and lung cancer. African Americans also had the highest overall rating of cancer. The most frequent diagnosed cancer amongst African American women was cancers of colon, breast and rectum cancer. African American women have the second highest rate of cancers overall for lung and bronchus cancer. 

Asians & Pacific Islanders 

Definition of a person who is an Asian or Pacific islander is if he or she has ‘origins in any of the people of the Southern Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, Far East or the Pacific Islands’. This population is considered to be very varied since it includes people from at least 24 ethnic groups who can converse in more than 30 major languages. They make up for 3% of US entire population.

The cancer rates amongst Asians and Pacific Islanders are very considerable. Among the men, the three most diagnosed sites were lung, prostate, lung, bronchus and rectum. Stomach was a leading site among Korean men rather than prostate, and amongst Vietnamese men it was liver rather than colon and rectum.  Rate of occurrence for lung, prostate bronchus, and colorectal cancers among Asian men were lesser than those amongst African American and white men.

The three most diagnosed cancers for Asian and Pacific Islanders women are cancers of breast, colon and rectum, and lung and bronchus. The exceptions included these - rather than lung, stomach was a leading cancer site among Japanese and Korean women, and rather than colon and rectum , cervix was a leading cancer site among Vietnamese women. 

Native Americans 

The US governments refer Native Americans as American Indians and Alaska natives. The definition is ‘persons having origins in the original peoples of North America’. The 500 odd tribes are represented by American Indians and Alaska Natives. They make up around 0.8% population in the entire US.

Cancer Ribbon Color Chart
Since American Natives are heterogeneous, the rates of cancer vary according to the different tribes. The most frequently diagnosed cancer among Alaska Native men were cancers of the lung and bronchus, colon and rectum, and prostate. And among American Indians the most frequently diagnosed cancer was prostate, colon and rectum, and kidney. 

For women, the most frequently diagnosed cancer sites for Alaska Natives were breast cancer, colon and rectum, and lung and bronchus. Most frequently diagnosed cancer for the women of American Indians was cancers of breast, ovary, colon and rectum. Cancer of the kidney cases was also high amongst Alaska Native women; however, the rate is not stable since it is based on less than 25 cases.

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