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Survival Tips For Cooking As A University Student

Posted by Art Of Legend India [dot] Com On 10:31 PM

 Students ExpandSummary: Students don't really have a lot of spare time on their hands. Couple that with a habit of spreading their selves too thin when it comes to social lives

Students don’t really have a lot of spare time on their hands. Couple that with a habit of spreading their selves too thin when it comes to social lives (yes I’ll be in your play/musical, work out regularly at the gym and play rugby because there are clearly more than 24 hours in a day), there is then very little time in the day for cooking. Students usually don’t end up thinking about an evening meal till 9pm and more often than not the temptation is to blow their student loan on a large Dominos pizza that will last them through dinner, breakfast and lunch… in that order. So below are some tips to cooking on a student budget when it comes to time and money.

1. Cooking for one is nigh on impossible it works out too expensive. A popular dish is roasted vegetables stuffed into a wrap or pitta with some crème fraiche (or mayonnaise on a fat day) it tastes amazing warm or cold and can be made for dinner at night and taken to the rugby field for lunch the next day. Also, it means you’re not wasting nine tenths of a Butternut Squash.  Bulk buying is the way forward.

2. Meat is expensiveEither, eat less meat and ask your butcher for cheaper cuts which will still taste amazing, or buy lots of something like lean beef mince (NOT from a supermarket) and make big portions of shepherd’s pie or bolognaise sauce which can be frozen and eaten later.

Are students finally learning to cook
3. Pasta goes with everythingPasta is the perfect student food, it is quick, easy, cheap and it’s filling. You can make pasta bakes, which are a great way to use up any vegetables that are pushing their sell by dates and it’s so quick and easy to make your own healthy pasta sauces.

4. The only tins that should be in the cupboard are tinned tomatoesprecisely for making pasta sauces, thickening curry sauces, putting in a chilli and just generally because they can be used for everything. Tinned vegetables look awful and taste worse and it is so easy to make homemade soup instead of buying it in tins although an emergency tin of spaghetti hoops is acceptable when it’s the end of term and all that is left is a slice of frozen bread and gravy granules!

5. The freezer is your friendKeep bread in the freezer, it stops it going off and will also stop you snacking on bread on butter when avoiding essays or coming back late from work.

6. Love the BBC Good Food Guidethere always comes a point, usually half way through term, where students realise that they haven’t eaten any green vegetables since being at home, this is when you should resort to the good food guide. It has an amazing banana bread recipe which means you never waste banana’s no matter how bruised they get. The BBC may well hassle you to the ends of the earth about buying a TV License, regardless of whether you watch TV or not, but they will look after you when you need a new recipe. So you can sob into your banana bread as you read another angry red threatening TV Licensing letter. Perfect.

The list is endless, but if you are venturing into student life in the near future, or just fancy trying out living like a student for a week, then hopefully the above suggestions might help you out in the kitchen.

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