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The Duchess Of Cambridge - Steal Her Style

Posted by Art Of Legend India [dot] Com On 12:59 AM

Duchess of CambridgeSummary: The Duchess of Cambridge, the Duchess hasn't put a sartorial foot wrong.

Being in the public eye, the Duchess ofCambridge, formerly known as Kate Middleton, is under pressure to look her absolute best at all times. However, so far in her role as the country’s sweetheart, the Duchess hasn’t put a sartorial foot wrong. In fact, her fashion sense and style choices have sparked off a number of trends, causing many UK women to copy everything from her hairstyle to her shoes.

If you want to steal Kate’s ladylike and elegant look for yourself, here the essential looks and styles you’ll need to be looking out for:

The coat dress

The coat dress is Kate Middleton’s signature look, one that she favours for formal occasions and public visits. The coat dress is a very clever invention, as it can actually be worn as a coat but it can also be worn as a dress on its own. The Duchess prefers belted coat dresses which accentuate her waist and fall just above or on the knee. One of her favourite and best coat dresses is emerald green, worn with a black belt and an adorable black hat. To get Kate’s look, choose an expertly tailored coat dress in one colour, made in a relatively thick material, making sure that it fits you like a glove.

Belted shirt dresses and pleated skater-style skirts

Kate Middleton's Best FashionAs well as coat dresses, Kate is also partial to a belted shirt dress, often with a pleated skater-style skirt (albeit one that finishes comfortably on the knee). The Duchess of Cambridge has worn shirt dresses in virtually every colour, from bright green to pure white. As well as a bright and feminine lemon yellow shirt dress worn on her recent tour of Asia, another of the Duchess’s best shirt dress looks was a loose-fitting duck-egg blue shirt dress with long sleeves and a high neck that Kate wore to watch the polo.

Neutral shoes

Kate’s favourite tones when it comes to footwear seem to be neutral ones such as nude or black, which handily go with pretty much everything in her wardrobe. This understated choice of shoes fits in with the classic chic look that the Duchess is known for, and if you’re copying her style, you could also save yourself quite a bit of money if you have neutral shoes that go with everything.

Modest necklines and hemlines

The Duchess is hardly ever seen in outfits which show off too much leg or cleavage, yet she always looks young and feminine. She has clearly found neck and hemlines which suit her, with a high boat neckline and a hemline falling just above or on the knee being her preferred choices. The next time you’re looking for something ladylike and elegant in awomen’s clothes shop, go for Kate’s preferred neck and hemlines and you can’t go wrong. 

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