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Crazy Theories And Strange Diets That People Believe To Work

Posted by Art Of Legend India [dot] Com On 10:07 PM

Strange DietsSummary: Most people these days want to lose weight, most of these being for superficial reasons. fit for legi

Most people these days want to lose weight, most of these being for superficial reasons. Yes, there are odd people that want to lose weight and get fit for legitimate reasons like marathons and sports. However, for the majority of people wanting to lose weight it is simply to try and “look better”, with these people feeling as though the world revolves around superficiality. Since so many people want to lose weight, new methods and diets are “invented” every day. This post will look at some of the weirdest diets and dietary methods I have stumbled across when searching for weight loss methods.

Now, I mentioned that I was looking for weight loss methods. It wasn’t for superficial reasons, it was simply because I was looking for ways to gain weight and by reading for weight loss methods I was hoping to find unsuccessful methods that actually made people gain weight instead of shedding it.

Anyway, let me proceed. I’ll start with the “Elastic Band Method”. When I first read about this I literally sat staring at my laptop in disbelief. This method basically involves attempting to put off your natural hunger by the only way I can describe as literally torturing yourself. What you will need:

1.    An elastic band
2.    Strong willpower
3.    Very thick skin!

In case you haven’t guessed yet, this method involves an elastic bane being placed around your wrist in a way similar to a bracelet. When hunger strikes, the dieter pulls this band as far back as they can (while still on the hand) and releases it sharply. This is supposed to make you forget about the fact you’re hungry because you will be in pain. Madness, torture and personally I think it’s a waste of time.

The next diet is the “Lettuce Only” diet. I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. It involves the dieter eating lettuce leaves only as this is supposed to rid you of both hunger and thirst due to the fact it is a solid with plenty of water contained in the leaves. You might be thinking that this could work? Well what if I told you this diet is carried out eating only one lettuce leaf PER DAY! Doesn’t seem so inviting now does it?

Crazy Theories
Next up is the “7 Day Colour” diet, which is all well and good unless you’re colour-blind. This diet is completely strange but has reportedly been followed by singer Christina Aguilera. What this diet entails is eating only one colour food per day on a cycle of white, red, green, orange, purple, yellow and then one day of any colour. Unfortunately, this is very bad if you’re imaginative. You see, the first day can be spent eating white chocolate the other days spent buying tonnes of Smarties and eating only one colour of Smartie per day. On the purple day you may have to find some Quality Street or simply turn to Turkish delight. As for the last day where you can eat any colour food, no imagination is even needed there. Nice try Christina but we have you all figured out!

Finally I’ll finish with a method that actually works since I’ve mocked diets for the whole post. This method has a lot of speculation surrounding it but the majority of people find this to work. It’s by a method of slimming pills called “T5 Slimming Pills”. These contain an ECA mixture (Ephedrine to stimulate, Caffeine to help stimulate more and Aspirin to keep the worst side effects at bay). Yes, these pills do have slight side effects for some people but those people are usually not following how these pills are supposed to be used. If you want more information on this method please Google either “T5 Fat Burners” or “T5 Slimming Pills” and there is a lot more detail provided in some of the websites and posts you can find.

T5 Thermobolics provide exceptional quality T5 Slimming Pills at a reasonable price. They are a leading provider of weight loss pills and body building supplements.

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