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In What Ways are Fireworks Part of India's Culture?

Posted by Art Of Legend India [dot] Com On 2:10 AM
Diwali Festival
Fireworks have a place in the culture of several countries around the world.  India is one example of a place where they play a significant part in a variety of celebrations and festivals. We have explored when fireworks are most prominent in India, and any additional significance and meaning that they have in relation to their use.


The ‘festival of lights’ is one of the biggest Hindu celebrations, marked not only in India but by Indians and Hindus across the world. These celebrations differ in each region of India, and some Hindus celebrate New Year on the same day as, or the day after, Diwali.
As one might expect from a festival of light, fireworks play a huge part in the parties that take place in India and around the world. Much like the celebrations differ from region to region, so do the fireworks used. However, common types of firework found in Diwali celebrations include traditional sparklers, crackers, and rockets. There are also a number of unusual fireworks, such as the chakra firework, that are a fixture across the country.


Holi Festival
While fireworks are not traditionally regarded as a main staple of Holi – the festival of colors – they do still play a part in celebrations across the country. Holi takes place early on in the year to mark the start of the spring season, in comparison to Diwali, which takes place in October/November.
Again, celebrations differ across the country, and many fireworks that are used during this festival are used during street parties, which can actually get quite dangerous if you are standing beside a rocket unaware it is about to explode!

Hindu Weddings

Hindu Weddings
Most people are aware of the bright, bold, and extravagant nature of Hindu weddings, and fireworks merely add a sense of luster to the proceedings. Although these occasions tend to be deeply religious and focused on faith primarily, when it is time for a party fireworks are one of the most important parts of the festivities.
In addition to weddings in India, several other special occasions are often marked with fireworks displays, although these, such as birthdays, might again be dependent on the area in which a family lives as well as the money they have at their disposal.

Fireworks in Sivakasi

Factories in this town in the south of India are believed to produce over 70% of the fireworks used in the country. As a result, Sivakasi enjoys the unofficial title as being India’s fireworks capital. One thing about this town is that nobody needs an excuse to get the fireworks parties started, and the light and noise that only fireworks can bring are a regular feature of Sivakasi on a daily basis.
Fireworks in SivakasiSome parts of the town have been dubbed as dangerous, however, as products that should have been destroyed for being unsafe are regularly taken from the factory and used around the streets.
Whether it is religious festivals, a wedding, or simply the fact that a town is well known for its fireworks factories, across the whole of India they play a huge part in life and the culture.

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