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The North-South Water Divide

Posted by Art Of Legend India [dot] Com On 5:42 AM
Torrens marks the great north-south desalinated water divide
Short Summary: An article discussing how where you live in the UK can greatly influence the type of tap water you are used to.

There is often a lot of debate among people in the UK about the water quality in their counties, with northerners claiming that their water is better due to its softness whereas southerners claim that hard water is definitely more palatable.   

It doesn't matter if you like in Cumbria, Derbyshire, Essex or Cornwall, you're likely to extol the virtues of the water in your area of birth. But do these taste preferences reflect the quality of the water or do we just like the water where we live?   

Difference in tap water taste   

UK tap water quality is heavily regulated and is regarded as some of the safest tap drinking water in Europe. But depending on where you live in the UK there will be some difference in how the tap water will taste. This is usually down to the geography where the water originates and a little subjectivity depending on who tastes the water.   

The water you drink from the tap will contain a variety of minerals in certain amounts. And it's these
minerals which play a role in whether the water is hard or soft and hence play a major role in how it tastes.   

So in areas where the water filters through minerals such as limestone, for example, the water may have a different texture or mouthfeel. There are of course other things added to drinking water to make it safe for us to drink. Chlorine, for example, is a disinfectant which is used in the cleaning process, but this can react with naturally occurring compounds such as humic acid which can give the water an astringent taste.   

Where does the water we drink come from?  

The water we drink comes from surface water sources such as lakes and streams and also from groundwater. While surface water tends to be soft and contains few minerals, groundwater will usually be harder due to its greater contact with these minerals which are dissolved in the water.   

Generally speaking those in the south east of England will likely have harder water than those in the west and north. Waterwise is a non-governmental organisation that is the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK. Their water hardness maps show that if you draw an imaginary line across England somewhere between Hull and the Bristol Channel - except for Cornwall and Devon - there is a definite divide between those living with hard water and those living with soft water.    

So it soft water or hard water better?   

 The North-South Water DivideOn a practical note those living in the north of the country will be able to get a good lather from their soap and won't have to be too concerned about limescale building up on the inside their kettle or washing machine. However those in the south will claim that their hard water contains essential dietary supplements of calcium and magnesium. But as far as which is best a lot can be left to personal conjecture.   

If you live in a hard water area there are things you can do to get rid of limescale. A water softening system can reduce limescale build up and hence ensure that pipework and appliances last for longer periods of time.            

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