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Handicrafts are devices or works of art that are made completely by hand or by the use of relatively simple tools. Such goods are usually made in the traditional way of manufacturing goods. Therefore, the knowledge of the art of craft is usually passed down from one generation to another. The items made using these traditional methods of manufacturing are usually produced in smaller quantities and they often represent the culture or religious beliefs of the community that makes them. The goods are also handmade from natural materials that are found in the environment of the particular economy.

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A painting is equal to thousand words, means a beautiful painting is equal to million of words. Paintings are one of the oldest art forms -- throughout history artists have played an important role in documenting social movements, spiritual beliefs and general life and culture.

History Of Paintings: The history of painting reaches back in time to artifacts from...

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They Say Never To Work With Animals

Posted by Art Of Legend India [dot] Com On 6:14 AM

Work With AnimalsSummary: Animals can be tough to photograph, but the results can be stunning. Heres a post that will turn you into an expert

Tips On How To Photograph Animals 

If you ask most photographers, they'll say that shooting landscapes is much easier than photographing people because landmarks are always still and obey your commands. Humans can be very unpredictable but at least some of them can take direction. Animals on the other hand – who knows what's going on inside their brains? That being said, some of the most iconic and spectacular photographs ever created are those with animals just going about their day. Here are some tips on how to take pictures of animals. 

Make Them The Center Of The Shot

When you show off your animal pictures, people shouldn't have to ask what they're looking for. It's embarrassing for a photographer to say, “If you look back in that far corner there's a rare spider monkey.” If you're photographing the animal, make it the epicenter of the shot. 

Use The Surroundings If It Benefits The Shot

While it's important to make the animal the center of the shot, ignoring scenery that enhances the photograph is a huge mistake. Panoramic photography of a bird surrounded by palm trees and sunshine is much more appeasing than that same bird sitting in a rickety cage. Exotic animals especially benefit from 360 visual tours that include a desert prairie or a mountainous background. These virtual tours are great for people who want to enjoy the sights of a safari...from the comfort of their home. 

Be Safe...But Get The Picture

A tough day at the officeIt doesn't necessarily need to be a dangerous animal but you want to get as close to the action as possible without disturbing the habitat...or becoming lunch. A telephoto lens can help photograph animals as it helps to zoom in and appear you're standing right next to the critter. Likewise, you'd rather get a picture of a deer naturally bedding down before a snow storm approaches instead of one on alert because you're constantly stepping on branches and talking on your cell phone. 

Animals are highly unpredictable which makes them such a frustrating yet entertaining being to photograph. A key to this subject is to take plenty of pictures but also be patient. While a kitten might just be laying next to a small box one minute, two seconds later that box might be on their head as they continually walk into a wall. It's patience and persistence that turn pictures from 'awww' to 'awesome'. 

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