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Understanding the Intricacies of Hindu Marriages

Posted by Andy Masaki On 6:09 AM
Hindu Marriage
In India, weddings are a way of portraying one’s heritage, the rich culture, and ethnicity of the roots. Hindu marriages in the country connote customs and rituals, yet they are ceremonious and fun. Grand celebrations are an integral part of Indian weddings. However, all religions follow their own customs and traditions that have been coming along since ages. Read on to find out about Hindu marriages in India.

The Overview

In the Hindu religion, a wedding is considered an important observance and is among the most significant of the sixteen sacraments or sanskaars. It not only builds a special bond between two individuals, but also connects the families of those individuals. Hindu marriages are mostly conducted by the parents of the bride and all close relatives of the girl serve as hosts to take complete care of the groom’s family or baraatis. The event takes place at a fixed venue that has been finalized by both the families. Mostly, the wedding ceremonies and rituals happen in the open, under an ornamented and garlanded canopy called the mandap, bearing fire or agni in the middle.

The Pre- Wedding Ceremonies

Indian Wedding CoupleWhen it comes to the various customs and rituals, Hindu weddings can be prolonged for as many as four-five days. The rituals are mainly divided into three parts - pre wedding ceremonies, wedding day services and after-wedding rituals. The customs performed in all the phases bear a deep meaning and significance. The pre wedding functions generally involve the engagement, mehendi, sangeet, haldi and then tilak.

The Wedding Day

The wedding day ceremonies consist of various traditional rituals that have to be carried out in front of a priest who explains the role and the deep-rooted meaning of all of it. Amongst all Hindu rituals, the seven rounds or saath phere taken around the sacred fire are the most significant. The bride and the bride groom take these rounds together while the priest or pundit recites the seven vows of life.

The bride and the groom make promises to each other in front of the sacred fire that symbolizes divinity. These seven vows taken together are meant to build the foundation of the new relationship and marriage. It discusses about the love, loyalty, and commitment they would ultimately share in their married life.

Significance of the Mangalsutra

The Scene of a Hindu Wedding Ceremony
While taking the pheras, the groom puts the Mangalsutra in the bride’s neck. This is the mark of a married woman. It is usually black and golden in color, with the golden part being made of pure gold. While placing this ornament in the bride’s neck, the groom promises a life of love, understanding, commitment and unity.

Post-Wedding Ceremonies

From here on, post wedding celebrations are started and ceremonies of vidaai and reception take place. The vidaai or sending away of the bride to her new home is the most emotional part of the wedding. The bride leaves her parents to walk into a new future by taking her first step towards her husband. On reaching the groom’s home, there are many more ceremonies that are performed throughout the night – from welcoming the bride to making the bride and groom play games.

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