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Handicrafts are devices or works of art that are made completely by hand or by the use of relatively simple tools. Such goods are usually made in the traditional way of manufacturing goods. Therefore, the knowledge of the art of craft is usually passed down from one generation to another. The items made using these traditional methods of manufacturing are usually produced in smaller quantities and they often represent the culture or religious beliefs of the community that makes them. The goods are also handmade from natural materials that are found in the environment of the particular economy.

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A painting is equal to thousand words, means a beautiful painting is equal to million of words. Paintings are one of the oldest art forms -- throughout history artists have played an important role in documenting social movements, spiritual beliefs and general life and culture.

History Of Paintings: The history of painting reaches back in time to artifacts from...

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When New Is Old Again - 2013's Biggest Comeback Products

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Corvette stingrayShort Summary: Comeback products from this year - the Corvette, Superman, and US-based manufacturing

It's no surprise that Americans are suckers for nostalgia. As a culture, we love things that have come before, especially if they hold a special place for us from our childhood.

It would be a stretch to say any one year is a nostalgia-laden year - after all there are remakes, reboots, and relaunches of products we once loved every single year. This year is no different, however, with a handful of American icons making their way back into the public consciousness.

Corvette Stingray

While not something everyone can afford, the 2014 Corvette Stingray is certainly something we can all appreciate. The first Stingray since the C3 in the 1970's, the 2014 Stingray takes the classic look of the C3 and modernizes it in just about every way.

From using carbon fiber for almost every major component of the car's frame to reduce weight to including a huge 500+ horsepower engine, the 2014 model is certainly a car for the ages, drawing heavily on the past. Going on sale later in 2014, there will be both a traditional coupe and a convertible model.

Superman is Back

Nothing says America like the man in red and blue. While Superman reappeared in 2006's Superman Returns, that film wasn't commercially or critically as successful as this most recent reboot. So Superman, long since the most recognizable symbol of American pop culture, finally flew back into the American conscious in full this summer in Man of Steel.

Combined with rumors of a larger DC universe of films that could have Superman and Batman finally meet on screen, this nostalgic trip through cinematic history stands to be a much bigger outing for Superman than his last.

US Manufacturing

Man of Steel castIt's dangerous to speculate too wildly on the future of something as complicated as the US manufacturing complex, but thus far 2013 has offered quite a bit of good news on this front.

From a TIME Magazine cover in April touting the return of the Made in the USA tag line to Apple moving production of some of its computers from China to the USA, new 3D printing plants opening in Pittsburgh and production plants for Dow Chemical opening in Texas, there has been a mild boom in the manufacturing industry complex in the US this year.

Part of this is a natural cycle. As the cost of doing business rises in places like China, and the public perception of products made overseas continues to decline, there is good reason for companies to look at domestic options once more. It's still very heartening to see and could spell a bigger boom to come.

The Future of Comebacks

From technology comebacks like MySpace finding a new life with music fans to the return of popular products in new packages like the Corvette Stingray, 2013 has been good to our collective nostalgia thus far in 2013. That same growth will certainly continue the rest of the year and into 2014 as we find new ways to bring back what we once loved with new technologies.

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Why Electronic Cigarettes Are Becoming So Popular

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Electronic Cigarettes Are Becoming So Popular
Short Summary: The growth and now acceptance of E-Cigarettes has been tremendous. Find out why celebrities and peers now accept and seem to endorse this product...

 The Growth of E-Cigarettes

Over the past few decades, anti-smoking campaigns have wiped out smoking in most public places and created a stigma around the very idea of smoking cigarettes.  It should be no wonder then that electronic cigarettes have boomed in popularity since they were introduced on the market a few years ago.  E-cigs aim to take the negativity out of smoking and release those who smoke from the myriad of restrictions and bans they face. 

The Main Problems Non Smokers have with Smoking?

What's the main issue most people have with cigarette smoke?  The smoke itself.  It's carcinogenic not only to those who light up, but to anyone unfortunate enough to be near a lingering cloud of smoke.  The smell clings to hair, clothes, and furniture.  Who wouldn't want a way to avoid that?  Electronic cigarettes provide freedom from the fumes while enabling smokers to still enjoy a cigarette, just in a new form.  Not only is the tar smoke gone, but so are the harmful chemicals.  A liquid concentrate of water and food additives is combined with flavorings and nicotine and is vaporized for the user to inhale.  What comes out of the e-cigarette is odorless, safe, and unoffensive.  Plus, the concentrate is available in varying concentrations of nicotine, or completely nicotine free. 

Are E-Cigarettes any Different?

Not only do e-cigs eliminate unpleasant smoke, they allow smokers to remain part of the group.  When was the last time you went into a restaurant, bar, or other establishment that freely allowed smoking?  Or went to someone's house and did not have to step outside to enjoy a cigarette?  The general public, even other smokers, don't appreciate being subjected to tobacco smoke.  While smoking bans are unpopular with smokers, they do create cleaner environments and fresher air for everyone.  E-cigarettes are a far cleaner way to smoke, and the best part is that it doesn't cause discomfort for you or anyone you are with. 

Because of the obvious adverse side-effects of tobacco-based cigarettes, those who elect to smoke are often at times viewed in a somewhat negative manner - a sort of “tisk-tisk,” finger wagging, chastising attitude.  After all, why would you knowingly put harmful substances in your body?  Nevertheless, people make the choice to smoke.  By switching to e-cigs, smokers are vastly reducing their intake of hazardous chemicals and also combatting some of the stereotypes surrounding smokers. 

Electronic Cigarettes
Hollywood has also taken note of the electronic cigarette revolution.  This cradle of fashion, trends, and all things ultra-hip has embraced e-cigs as a new way to smoke.  Stars like Katherine Heigl, Johnny Depp, and Leonardo di Caprio, among others, have all been spotted using these new devices.  For those without the super-deep pockets of Hollywood stars, e-cigarettes also provide another benefit – lower cost.  A typical 200 pack equivalent of e-cigarettes will cost substantially less than 200 cigarette equivilent of tobacco-based cigarettes.  And who doesn't love a good bargain? 

In Summary

There are numerous benefits to electronic cigarettes compared to typical tobacco-based ones.  With such a clear cut difference in health, perception, and cost, the vaulting popularity of these products can only be beginning.  As with all technology, there are sure to be many more advancements in years to come. 

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Finding An Estranged Relative With The Help Of A Private Investigator

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Finding An Estranged Relative With The Help Of A Private Investigator

Short Summary: Hiring a private detective to Track down those people with whom you have lost contact.

Losing Touch With That Special Person

Often in life, we find ourselves losing touch with someone without even noticing it happen. Sometimes however the split can be a little more noticeable, perhaps as a result to a family dispute or relationship separation. This segregation can prove emotionally painful, especially when it happens on bad terms. Many people live their life full of regret about these separations, wishing they could turn back the time to do things a little differently. Living your life in this way, with regret about your past, is not recommended for anyone; especially when there is the option to attempt reconciliation with that person.

Sometimes people wish to track down their first love; after spending years wishing that things had ended differently. Some people chose to trace down birth parents if they have been adopted, and vice versa. This is often an emotional journey to make, but offers a person many things; closure, information, and ultimately a relationship with a close member of family that they have never known.

Whatever the situation, there is help available. Private investigators carry out this type of research on a daily basis, and have access to resources that can subsequently bring people back together. They are fully aware of the sensitive nature of these cases, and will treat your case with confidentiality and respect. They are available throughout the day, and can offer successful results fast. Many companies work on a no-fee no find policy, to ensure that the highest standards of service are employed.

How The Process Works

Private InvestigatorPrivate investigators can find documents indicating the missing person’s location. These may include, court records, property ownership vehicle records just to name a few. When a link is found, investigators follow these up to establish further information. Of course, each investigation is tailor-made to each situation, but after any concrete evidence is discovered, the data is forwarded to the client, who can then decide on how to act.

Other Tracking Available

As well as tracing the location of a missing loved one, or estranged family member or friend, investigators also help in the location of absconders, con-men, absent tenants and debtors. This is a highly effective industry, as the private detective has the access and time that the local police authorities lack. They will be able to trace and locate the person requested, and even produce evidence of their financial circumstances; and thus their ability to refund any debt owed to the client.  Investigators can also help to find a missing person; that is someone who has run away, or left home without indicating their departure. In 2012, 327, 000 people went missing; 66% of them were under 18. It was recorded that the police spend 14% of their time looking for them, so it is understandable that the families of these people require more help. The process of tracking down an estranged person can provide results in days. If you feel you need this help, then contacting a private investigation team may be a step in the right direction

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GPS Tracking Used By Private Detectives To Identify Adultery

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GPS Tracking Used By Private Detectives To Identify Adultery
Short Summary: Keeping a closer eye on your partner's behaviour with the help of a vehicle tracker fitted by a private detective

An Overview

Rates of adultery are increasing along with the rates of divorce and separation. The easy access to online resources in today’s world, are arguably adding to this occurrence; dating sites and social networking are the major culprits. They make finding another partner easy, as they offer access to prospective individuals from all other the world. One of the ways that people are catching out these cheating partners also relies on satellites communication; A GPS tracking device.

So What Is A GPS Tracking Device?

These small, highly resourceful devices are used to trace down the behaviour of a person’s vehicle; namely in this situation, that belonging to the suspected cheat. The device, which is installed upon the car itself, often by the use of magnets, uses Global Positioning Satellite Technology to follow the device’s movement and thus the vehicle’s movement. Due to the easy access of the satellite’s transmissions, the data can be now installed upon a mobile smartphone, resulting in mobile surveillance.

The devices work on a live basis, so you can actually follow the vehicles movement as it makes it. They do however; have the option of a play-back mode, which means that the device can record the vehicle’s movement to be watched at a later date. The person doing the surveillance can then ‘catch up’ with the vehicles activities, and identify any unknown address visited or patterns in behaviour.  

The success rates of GPS tracking are fairly high in adultery cases, as those having the affair often feel they are ‘safe’ when out in their car or other vehicle. Often the relationships are in another town, so tracing their movement history would indicate and unusual visits to different places that may seem strange and out of the ordinary for the spouse or partner at home. GPS tracking is a cost effective method for surveillance, as once the device is purchased, the monitoring is up to the owner, although private investigations can and will help if required.

Classis Warning Signs Of An Affair

GPS Tracking Used By Private Detectives To Identify AdulteryAlthough you can never be completely sure, and these signs are by no means exhaustive, there are some indications that are often recorded when an affair is underway. The main giveaway is a general change in the person’s routine. This could be work related; they suddenly have to work later hours or weekends, or have made new friends at work time that they wish to socialise with often. They may spend more time out with their supposed ‘friends’ at the weekends, failing to include you in these events. Often those having an affair may experience a new lease of life, or fascination in the more material aspects of their life, or their appearance. They may, for example, spend more money on clothes or perfume, or purchase a big fancy car that they would never usually consider. Another giveaway is defensiveness over their phone or laptop-this is especially noticeable when the affair has been established online. They may take calls outside, or shield/move away from you when texting. A PI will be able to offer advice in any of these instances.

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How Private Investigators Got To Where They Are Today

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Private Investigator
Short Summary: A brief overview of the history of the Private Investigator

Where It All Started

Private Investigators today, undertake many different roles to help gather information in their cases. There are specialist agents who work within specific areas alone; such as insurance cases, or due diligence. There are those who offer a whole plethora of services, such as GPS tracking, polygraph testing and covert surveillance. Many use high tech equipment to gather evidence, and all work in a discreet manner to gain some sort of unknown information for the client they have been hired by. Although the contemporary investigator may appear more like a James Bond Spy, throughout history many individuals have embarked upon this journey. So where exactly did it all begin?

The first known detective agency was found in 1833, by a French solider named Eugene Vidocq who hired ex-convicts to help in his cases. The police were unhappy with this development, and subsequently arrested him for embezzlement, which Vidocq later believed to be a set up. Through his work, Vidocq created the first plaster cast ever made to identify shoe imprints, as well as indelible ink and unalterable bond paper for printing. Vidocq introduced the fields of criminology and ballistics to criminal investigations, as well as record keeping. He was highly influential, and helped begin the chain of events that resulted in the establishment of detective services as we know it today.

After Vidocq, the industry grew. Generally investigators took on the same roles as police officers, stepping in to cases where they had failed to discover the relevant information. In 1852 England, Charles Field formed his detective agency after retiring from the metropolitan police. Charles was friends with Charles Dickens who wrote many articles on his work; helping to advertise and disperse information on this field of employment. Around the same time in the United States, Alan Pinkerton opened his investigatory agency; that subsequently helped foil plans to assassinate Abraham Lincoln.  In 1856, Pinkerton hired the first female detective; Kate Warne. Pinkerton was often hired to trace down western outlaws, such as Jessie James and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid.

How Private Investigators Got To Where They Are TodayThe detective industry however, only became really accessibly for the average person around the 1920s, this was due to a new surge in wealth and industrialisation. The range of services subsequently evolved with the needs of society. Cases of adultery investigations rocketed, as did investigations into more corporate areas, such as fraud or embezzlement. Investigators were called upon more frequently, and grew in other areas of society, such as literature and film.

Where We Are Today

Today, in our tumultuous world where rates of crime, deception, dishonesty and lies are the everyday occurrence, it is no surprise that investigators are requested to perform a multitude of services. It was estimated that between the years: 2010-2020, the job growth for private investigators will be 21%- a much higher rate than other industries. Due to such demand, these investigators are ensuring that the services they offer get the results that they need. There is a great diversity now in the modes of investigations; so these detectives can offer assistance in many cases

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Catching A Benefit Cheat

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Short Summary: Looking into solving benefit fraud with the help of a private investigator

What Is Benefit Fraud

When an individual makes a claim to receive a state benefit, they need to match certain criteria to be accepted. These criteria subsequently mean an individual is unable, for varying reasons, to maintain an employment position.  Usually these reasons are based around a medical disability or illness, or the care of children and/or other vulnerable adults. Benefit fraud occurs when a person lies about their circumstances and claims to meet one of these criteria when they are in fact able to work. This may be a false claim that they are too ill to seek employment, or that they are living in a household alone when they are really living with a partner. Whatever the false claim, benefit fraud is resulting in a massive financial drain to the hardworking individuals in society.

It has been claimed, that the occurrence of benefit fraud and/or benefit error costs the UK taxpayer over £1.2b per year. This is a staggering figure that is increasing constantly due to low employment levels caused by today’s economic crisis. There was an estimate that there has been a 40% increase over the last five years.  Many people feel this is highly unfair to those honest people who work hard to earn very little salary, and that capturing these criminals is crucial. The crackdown on benefit cheats has resulted in an increasing demand for private investigators and the services that they can offer.

How Private Investigators Help

Private investigators aspire to capture detailed information about certain people’s lives that others cannot. They are highly trained individuals who work with state of the art technology to gain this information, and have unbeatable levels of success.  They offer a wide range of services to suit individual circumstances, and can shape their investigations to suit certain case criteria.

How Private Investigators HelpWhen dealing with a potential benefit cheat, investigators will generally apply surveillance methods upon the said person. This means that a specialist operative will track down the individual on a mobile basis, monitoring their behaviour and activities and incorporating video cameras to obtain evidence that is admissible in court. By utilising this method, investigators can determine whether the information declared is actually correct. Often this process reveals some condemning footage; people who claim to be too sick to work are witnessed playing sports, or taking long shopping trips and lunches with friends. Claimants who declare to be living alone may be witnessed sharing their home with a partner, or tenant. The footage captured is subsequently used as evidence against them.

What To Do If You Suspect A Benefit Fraud

It is really important to remember that these criminal fraudsters are costing you, the UK taxpayer a substantial amount of money every year. If you believe you can help in the fight against these people, then don’t delay in reporting them. There is an online anonymous form that be completed, as well as a UK hotline. Alternatively, if the situation is a little more personal, making contact with a private investigator may be more appropriate

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Earl's Court Through The Ages

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Earl's Court Through The Ages
Short Summary: Discover one of the most well-loved areas of London: from its unique history to vibrant modern day times, Earl's Court will fascinate and surprise visitors.

London's Earl's Court is a historic area.

Earl's Court is one of the most fascinating historic areas in London. Some of the most well-known names in England have lived here at one time, including Alfred Hitchcock, Freddie Mercury and Princess Diana. The area has been continuously occupied since before Norman times and became a most popular place to live in after railroad construction in the 1800's.

Early Times

The area now known as Earl's Court dates back to between the 9th and 10th centuries. One thing that many people are quite surprised to learn is that the area originally began as a farm. The De Vere family owned the land for over 500 years from 1141 to 1604. 

A Need for Faster Transportation

Earl's Court was put on the path towards more urbanisation around 1776 when the owner, William Edwardes, became Lord Kensington. The estate was known for its market gardens where exotic fruits of different types were raised. When the railroad started to become more popular in the 1840's, the area started to change from a rural farming area to a fashionable suburb.

New Development

A 60-acre area around Earl's Court saw rapid develop in the 1860's through 1890's (see this fantastic PDF) . Larger homes were built for families and many of these were finally converted into flats to suit a growing number of clerks who worked in London but loved further out from the city's centre. Because the railroad passed through this area, it became a desirable place for many London workers to live in.

An Entertainment Centre

Because Earl's Court had become a popular place for the upper and middle classes to live in, it began to attract a wealth of different entertainment options to suit a new audience. This helped contribute to the need for the exhibition centre, Olympia, that is one of the district's top attractions. The current centre, housed in a building originally constructed in 1937, replaced an earlier exhibition hall from the 1800's.

A Changing Landscape

Earl's Court Through The AgesThe district saw major changes after World war II, when the London area was revitalised. A Polish community started to settle in the area, bringing their own unique culture with them. Developers also started to take advantage of a growing need for better roads due to increased car ownership. During the 1960's, this district experienced a sort of cultural renaissance. It quickly became a centre for the arts, with the film Repulsion being shot in the area. Any attraction near Earl's Court is certain to be fascinating due to the area's history.

Modern Earl's Court

Earl's Court has become a very trendy place to visit, with choices ranging from hostels to some of the most chic and funky. It is host to a number of shops and restaurants that represent the area's diversity. Olympia has some of the most exciting shows on at any given time, ranging from musical performances to ice shows. One thing that visitors can certainly rely on is having an excellent time in the area, whether it is to see a show or just explore the district. 

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Why Watchmaking Matters

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Watchmaking Matters
Short Summary: Time is a concept that in deeply ingrained into our society. Watchmakers have the ability, and duty, to measure and divide our time precisely

Telling the time across continents

In the modern world, it seems that almost everyone wears a wristwatch. The younger generation may use smartphones as their watches, but for everyone else keeping track of the time is as natural and standardized as looking at one's wrist. The job of the watchmaker is literally to keep the world running on time. But it hasn't always been this way.

Before the invention of the wristwatch or even the familiar clock, humans kept track of time by watching water drops, observing shadows on a sundial, or simply waking up and going to bed according to the rising and setting of the sun. 

In fact, some cultures don't even have a concept for "time". The Piraha Tribe of the Amazon Basin uses hums and whistles to communicate, and this language has nothing to express past, present, or future. While this may seem bizarre to us, the Piraha also have no numbers in their language, and thus lack the conceptual framework from which to understand the idea of time.

Similar to the Piraha is the Native American Hopi Tribe: since their language lacks verb tenses, they have no way to express the difference between something that will happen from something that has happened. They literally lack the ability to talk about time.

This is quite different from hard-charging places like the United States and Japan. For "fast-paced" (a time reference) societies such as these, it isn't the past or future that are lost concepts, but instead it is the idea of "free time" in the present that is no longer conceivable. Americans and the Japanese may not have a particular moment scheduled, but even this unscheduled time is usually spent in a way that conceptualizes it as a commodity to be spent, not truly "free" time. 

This is where watchmakers are most in demand. When an entire society depends on accurate timekeeping, time measurement, and the synchronizing of schedules, the watchmaker is a vital figure. Of course, there are digital watches and those made by machine, but quality timepieces and the people who make and care for them -- are always needed. If watchmaking interests you what is the correct educational path to follow to ensure you get the best career opportunities in this field?

Why Watchmaking MattersWatchmaking schools such as WOSTEP, the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH, which was devised in the 1960s to provide American students training in the design, engineering, manufacture, and repair of watches in the hallowed halls of the finest watchmakers in the world.

WOSTEP's 11-month training program flies students to a converted chalet in Neuchatel, Switzerland, where they take courses in every area of watchmaking. These students return to their homes certified in all aspects of the art and are able to use this education to keep the tradition of expert watchmaking alive.

As the developing world comes to adapt more Western concepts and ways of seeing the world, these trained professionals will be making and refining watches to help people keep track of time while enjoying the marvelous machines on their very own wrists. 

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The History Of The Moonrakers Of Wiltshire

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The History Of The Moonrakers Of Wiltshire
Short Summary: The story of the Moonrakers is famous amongst inhabitants of Wiltshire. It's an eccentric tale about smugglers and what they could get away with.

One of the most well-loved stories from Wiltshire

When it comes to lovable criminals like Robin Hood, you won't go far before you hear about the moonrakers of Wiltshire. Wiltshire is a town that has a long and colourful history, and you will not need to go far before you find a shop, a street or hill that has some piece of local colour attached to it. One of the favourite stories of the town of Wiltshire involves a group of men who came to be known moonrakers and the way that they got their unique name.

The story of the moonrakers was first published in 1787, but the real tale goes back much further than that. By that time, the story was already a matter of local legend, and though there were many places in the country that claim the tale, Wiltshire has as a good a claim as any.

At the time, smuggling was part of the way of life in the more remote parts of England. With taxes on luxury goods being as high as they were, poor men could make a great deal of cash simply by walking some goods through territory that they knew like the back of their hands. Of course, the penalty for getting caught by the dreaded excise men, the customs officials of the day, was very severe, so it makes sense that everyone was quite careful.

A group of Wiltshire smugglers had a few barrels of French brandy that they needed to move, but during the course of the adventure, the barrels had come to be hidden in the pool. That night, while the smugglers tried to pull the barrel up, they were confronted by the excise men, who demanded to know what they were doing in the water so late at night.

It could have gone very badly for them indeed, but one man spoke up and pointed at the reflection of the moon in the water. One can only imagine how grave his face was when he said that he and his friends were trying to rake in the very bright and full moon, as it was a beautiful round cheese that had fallen into the water.

The History Of The Moonrakers Of WiltshireThe excise men thought it was a great joke on the local idiots, and rode on their way, leaving behind the sly moonrakers to pull up their barrels of French brandy in peace. The excise men rode on their way, having a private laugh at the expense of the farmers, and the smugglers, for their part, got to have a much louder, much longer laugh at the pompous excise men who thought so poorly of their country wit.

When it comes down to favourite stories, this one will always come up. Wiltshire is a county that has always prided itself on its cleverness and its good common sense, both of which you can see here in this story. The county of Wiltshire lays gleeful claim to the men who tried to grab the reflection of the moon in the lake and instead came up with barrels of expensive French Brandy to take to London.

When you are looking for the perfect place to hold your wedding, make sure that you consider Wiltshire. Head to the official tourist board to learn more about where this gorgeous town can take you. 

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Kids Are Bored On Holiday
Short Summary: Kids can get restless while traveling - read on for helpful tips and advice on how to make sure your family holiday is only filled with fun family experiences!

Exploring, teaching and playing with your kids on holiday.

Holidays with children can often seem more like work than a holiday. Boredom can leave you with arguing and discontent instead of the high-quality family memories you had hoped for. Fortunately, this sort of behaviour can be avoided with some quick thinking on your part. With a little imagination and some fun, you can help your children go from being bored to having a great time together. Best of all, it doesn't have to cost you anything. The following five ideas are a good starting point for those trying to enjoy their holiday with the kids.

Play Games

Games can be a great way to bring a family closer and pass the time, and they don't even require leaving home or the hotel room. You would be surprised how interested your children will be in a game when it involves some competition. Liven up the game by making it boys against girls, or parents against kids. Play longer, more advanced games if your kids are older and ready for more strategy. Card games are always a big hit as well.

Hold a Talent Show

Kids Are Bored On Holiday? 5 Ways To Enliven Your Evenings Without Spending A Penny!A talent show can be a great way to help everyone feel appreciated. Let each child know ahead of time that after dinner you'll be doing your talent show. Have someone announce each act with grandeur and make sure that everyone is applauding. For an even better time, video tape the whole thing and then watch it with popcorn afterwards. Kids love watching themselves on television, and this gives them a chance to be the star. Make sure Mom and Dad are participating as well - don't ask the kids to be embarrassed if you're not willing to be as well!

Teach a Skill

Have a class where one member of the family teaches everyone else a skill. This doesn't have to be anything fancy. Get a dozen eggs and have everyone teach their favorite way to make an egg, or have someone teach how to do a magic trick or play a simple tune on the piano. Make it low-key and fun, and you will have a great night laughing as you learn together.

Create Together

Anytime you can get all the family creating together you will have a night without boredom! Play a creativity game where you write a sentence or draw a picture, and then pass the paper around for someone to add to it. Afterward enjoy your family's story or new drawing together. Or you can have everyone work together to make a treat to share. Have some resident thespians in the bunch? Write and put on a play instead. Video it and enjoy it the next evening with popcorn. Reading aloud is always a great way to cure boredom as well.

Go Outside Together

Kids Are Bored On Holiday?
No matter the weather, an outing is always a great way to cure boredom and save your pennies. Holidays with children can be draining on everyone, so take a walk as a family or go visit a park to recuperate. Play a game of football or toss a ball around. If you are on vacation, go exploring. Let older kids scout ahead, and go slowly with younger ones. Even if the weather's bad you can have a great time splashing in puddles or playing in snow. Just be sure to have some hot cocoa when you return!

Beating boredom on the holiday can be tough, but with these five ideas you are sure to make things interesting without spending a penny!

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How to be more productive when you work at home?

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Working from home ‘more productive’
Working from home takes more discipline than many of us are willing to admit. It means having the strength of character to avoid all of the distractions and pleasures of home, and do some work--that we all hate. Let’s face it, even if you like doing what you are doing, it is still going to be less fun than the plethora of things you could be doing at home right now. People sit at work, dreaming about what they may be doing at home right now. You on the other hand are working from home and are therefore dreaming about nothing more than stopping what you are doing and doing fun house stuff. The short and tall of this is that your homework life may turn unproductive. Here are some tips to help that stop happening.

Set up a personal working space

Every article you read is going to tell you to do this, because it is common sense. If you do not set up a designated work area then you are always going to be caught between home and work. There is a big psychological motivator involved with setting up a working space, but there are also a few pragmatic reasons. It keeps your family away from your work so that they cannot interfere, make a mess, or otherwise get in the way.

It also means that work items do not become mixed in with household items. It means you can organize your work materials and your workday, in an area where you can always find what you need. There is nothing worse than having to look for one thing in your bedroom and another in the kitchen.

Set out working hours where you have to concentrate

This is a matter of productivity. You can spend all day and all night working and get less done than if you have six structured hours at work. You need to set realistic work hours and then stick to them. You need to make sure that during those hours you do nothing but work. That is also why you need to set break times and lunch times, so that your work does not seem perpetual, otherwise you will burn out before hour number five.

You need to stick to these working hours, which also means rushing (if you must) to get your work done before the end of your working day. If you have to work over your hours then you will be doing it for the rest of your life and your working from home will dominate your life.

Remove all distractions from your room

How to be productive when working from homeSo many people will refuse to do this because of an arrogant belief that they can work through distractions, but nobody can. We as humans are always less productive when there are even the most minor distractions. British scientists tried to force the hypothesis that classical music actually helped people to work and concentrate, but they simply could not force the results to come out their way. Any distraction at all is going to make your working hours less productive.

You need to remove TVs, and any sound equipment. You need to put your phone on silent, or at least have the force of will to not answer any text or call that is not work related. You need to log out of your social media sites and any non-work related email addresses.

Do not play music unless your work is physical

Music is a distraction of the highest order and you need to remove it from your work area. The only time it is acceptable is if your work is physical. If your work is physical then music can help, and if the work is very physical (manual labor) then there are very few instances where music makes you less productive (that is unless your work requires you to hear something).

Never fall asleep during your working hours

It may seem like it does not matter, but you are secretly conditioning your brain to become tired whilst you are at work. You will find that you become more and more tired as time goes on, and you will start to want to sleep at work. At the very least, you will see that you feel more tired and less productive during your work hours. You can check to see if you have accidentally conditioned yourself to be like this by if you feel awake when your work is done. When you finish your work, do you suddenly feel all awake and sprightly? If so, you have conditioned your body to be tired during working hours.

Have set lunch and break times

Have set lunch and break timesIf you are truly endeavoring to be productive during your working hours then you are going to become tired very quickly. It is hard to maintain your focus and concentration for long periods, so you need to set up breaks for your brain and your concentration to recover. If you do not then you will quickly burn out. You are not being a trooper or a hard worker if you work through your breaks. All you are doing is conditioning yourself to hate your work, and making yourself have to work even harder later in order to maintain your focus.

Clean your workspace at the end of every working day

This is very important. It is a massive motivation killer if you have to walk into a messy work place. Just spend a few minutes cleaning and tidying at the end of the day so that in the morning you do not have to waste productive time cleaning your workspace.

Make sure your family knows to leave you alone

This is especially true of needy spouses and children. Usually, parents are involved too deeply in their own lives to be bothering you, but your spouse will assume that you are in there being lazy. Your kids will simply take advantage of the fact you are in arms reach.

Set reminders that you are supposed to be working

This can be something as silly as a bell that goes off every ten minutes. You will be surprised how many times this bell brings you back from the world of imagination. You can literally lose hours per week from being in the land of imagination.

How to learn something new online everyday?

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How to learn something new online everyday?
You can do this by simply going online. The only problem is that a lot of what you read online is lies. The Internet is not regulated in any way, so there is no guarantee that the information you see online is valid, real or truthful. The newspaper industry is regulated and yet they can tell as many lies as they want. So, trying to stop regular people from publishing their lies and misinformation online is almost impossible.

This means that what you learn is most likely not going to be true. However, this does not mean that the information itself does not have some value. There are snippets of truth on the Internet, which means that all you have to do is filter through the lies in order to find the truth. You simply need to get better at finding what is true and what is not.

Should you log on to the news channels?

The news channels are not going to give you accurate information, but yet again they are going to give you snippets of truth that you can still use. For example, it may tell you that a celebrity couple is getting divorced because he cheated on her a number of times. In that case you can assume that the marriage of the couple is in trouble, not because of the cheating claims, but because the press is posting about cheating.

The recent press release that NASA has supposedly released, saying that the comet entering our solar system means we should start praying, indicates that there may be a comet entering our solar system soon. The fact that big investors are selling their shares and that NASA says we should pray is all part of the web of online lies. But, from this information you can at least find out about a possible comet entering our solar system.

Do blogs have any use?

They are mostly made up of stuff that people have simply written. There is nothing more to it. However, the stuff you on websites and even esteemed news sites is just stuff that people wrote. The number of websites you have looked at today that were designed by a Middle Eastern consultancy firm is going to be staggering. They will have simply written whatever suit’s the site. The real kicker is that they probably paid an American writer to write whatever he likes in order to put it online.

So, you may actually treat blogs with the same low respect that you treat other website. However, here, yet again, you are going to find snippets of truth that you can use. But, in this case it may be wiser to test what you learn or to check it with traditional sources. For example, if the blog claims that a bit in the bible says that breaking your promise is bad, then you can check it out to see if it is true by looking at a bible (try Proverbs 13:12).

Other things you read you should simply test. If they say that rubbing yogurt on your carpet will remove cat hair then give it a go. If they say that adding salt to your fertilizer will make it work quicker then try that too. If you try it then at least you can find out if the blogs claim has any merit.

Are online articles going to waste your time?

Learn something new online everydayYet again you need to be able to sift through the plausible and the outright lies. You need to understand that a person’s motivation for writing something may not be what it first appears.

For example, a person writing about the “dangers” of childhood inoculation may seem like they care about children. But, did you know that every time a new inoculation scare comes up, or a new scare campaign is started, a large number of medical company share prices go up. This is because treating deadly diseases is more profitable than inoculating against them. So, the scare campaign that seems caring is actually being started by people with shares and stock in medical companies.

Of the same ilk, consider the arguments you read online, such as how many children (supposedly) die from inoculation. But, why do they not mention the countries that do not inoculate, and how many hundreds of thousands of children die from diseases they could have been inoculated against. Where parents have several children because they know most of them won’t make it. Consider the motivation of the writer, and you may be able to figure out what is true and what is not, thereby learning something every day.

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