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About Hypnotherapy And Its Uses

Posted by Art Of Legend India [dot] Com On 10:14 PM
About Hypnotherapy And Its Uses
Short Summary: Looking at the uses of hypnotherapy in the treatment of a number of different behavioural conditions.

Hypnotherapy is now a very common form of treatment for a wide range of different issues, however often those seeking this type of help or unaware of the uses of hypnotherapy and who it may benefit.

Hypnotherapy is a type of complementary therapy that uses the state of hypnosis to alter the state of a patient’s consciousness.

Hypnotherapy is widely promoted as a treatment for a variety of long term conditions, as well as being used to break certain habits and patterns of behaviour in individuals.

The effects of hypnosis are still somewhat unknown in terms of exactly how it works in altering our behaviour; however some have suggested hypnosis acts as a powerful relaxation technique that relies on the power of suggestion and the placebo effect in its ability to alter behaviour.

When might hypnotherapy be useful?

Hypnotherapy is useful in the treatment of a wide variety of different conditions a patient may suffer from.  Essentially, hypnotherapy can be used to treat any problem you are struggling to cope with on your own.

What can it treat?

Clinical HypnoHypnotherapy can treat a wide range of conditions including but not limited too:

Eating Disorders
Sexual Abuse
Psychosomatic conditions
Sexual dysfunction
Sleep disorders
Chronic conditions
Family relationships

This is just a few of the conditions hypnotherapy can treat.

Defining Hypnotherapy

Despite popular belief, hypnotherapy is not a state of deep sleep.  It does involve the induction of a trance like state, similar to sleep, however the patient is in fact in an enhanced state of awareness, concentrating deeply on the voice of the hypnotherapist.  The idea of this state is to temporarily supress the conscious mind so that the subconscious can be revealed

Suggestion therapy and Analysis

HypnosisHypnotherapy can be used in 2 ways, these being suggestion therapy and analysis.  Suggestion therapy induces a hypnotic state which makes the person better able to respond to suggestion.  The hope is that the suggestions made by the therapist will alter the behaviour of the patient.  Analysis is slightly different in that it is based on a relaxed state to find the root cause of a disorder or symptom.  Once the trauma is revealed, it can then be addressed and discussed with the psychotherapist.

Is Hypnosis dangerous?

Hypnosis is not a dangerous procedure, and it certainly isn’t mind control or brainwashing as those that are sceptical often insist.  A therapist does not have the ability to make a person do something embarrassing or that the person does not want to do of his or her own accord.  This aside however, you must always check the credentials of your therapist before embarking on a relationship with them to ensure that that have the expertise and experience required to treat your problem.

Hypnotherapy can prove to be a great form of treatment for those looking to find a non-pharmaceutical treatment for their behavioural issues, and it is important to find a therapist that understands your problem, and has experience in the successful treatment of it.

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