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A painting is equal to thousand words, means a beautiful painting is equal to million of words. Paintings are one of the oldest art forms -- throughout history artists have played an important role in documenting social movements, spiritual beliefs and general life and culture.

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GPS Tracking Used By Private Detectives To Identify Adultery

Posted by Art Of Legend India [dot] Com On 1:26 AM
GPS Tracking Used By Private Detectives To Identify Adultery
Short Summary: Keeping a closer eye on your partner's behaviour with the help of a vehicle tracker fitted by a private detective

An Overview

Rates of adultery are increasing along with the rates of divorce and separation. The easy access to online resources in today’s world, are arguably adding to this occurrence; dating sites and social networking are the major culprits. They make finding another partner easy, as they offer access to prospective individuals from all other the world. One of the ways that people are catching out these cheating partners also relies on satellites communication; A GPS tracking device.

So What Is A GPS Tracking Device?

These small, highly resourceful devices are used to trace down the behaviour of a person’s vehicle; namely in this situation, that belonging to the suspected cheat. The device, which is installed upon the car itself, often by the use of magnets, uses Global Positioning Satellite Technology to follow the device’s movement and thus the vehicle’s movement. Due to the easy access of the satellite’s transmissions, the data can be now installed upon a mobile smartphone, resulting in mobile surveillance.

The devices work on a live basis, so you can actually follow the vehicles movement as it makes it. They do however; have the option of a play-back mode, which means that the device can record the vehicle’s movement to be watched at a later date. The person doing the surveillance can then ‘catch up’ with the vehicles activities, and identify any unknown address visited or patterns in behaviour.  

The success rates of GPS tracking are fairly high in adultery cases, as those having the affair often feel they are ‘safe’ when out in their car or other vehicle. Often the relationships are in another town, so tracing their movement history would indicate and unusual visits to different places that may seem strange and out of the ordinary for the spouse or partner at home. GPS tracking is a cost effective method for surveillance, as once the device is purchased, the monitoring is up to the owner, although private investigations can and will help if required.

Classis Warning Signs Of An Affair

GPS Tracking Used By Private Detectives To Identify AdulteryAlthough you can never be completely sure, and these signs are by no means exhaustive, there are some indications that are often recorded when an affair is underway. The main giveaway is a general change in the person’s routine. This could be work related; they suddenly have to work later hours or weekends, or have made new friends at work time that they wish to socialise with often. They may spend more time out with their supposed ‘friends’ at the weekends, failing to include you in these events. Often those having an affair may experience a new lease of life, or fascination in the more material aspects of their life, or their appearance. They may, for example, spend more money on clothes or perfume, or purchase a big fancy car that they would never usually consider. Another giveaway is defensiveness over their phone or laptop-this is especially noticeable when the affair has been established online. They may take calls outside, or shield/move away from you when texting. A PI will be able to offer advice in any of these instances.

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