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Handicrafts are devices or works of art that are made completely by hand or by the use of relatively simple tools. Such goods are usually made in the traditional way of manufacturing goods. Therefore, the knowledge of the art of craft is usually passed down from one generation to another. The items made using these traditional methods of manufacturing are usually produced in smaller quantities and they often represent the culture or religious beliefs of the community that makes them. The goods are also handmade from natural materials that are found in the environment of the particular economy.

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A painting is equal to thousand words, means a beautiful painting is equal to million of words. Paintings are one of the oldest art forms -- throughout history artists have played an important role in documenting social movements, spiritual beliefs and general life and culture.

History Of Paintings: The history of painting reaches back in time to artifacts from...

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Silver Beads

In the world of Beads, Silver Beads have its own stand. From the day of discovery of silver and man’s knowledge of working with metal, man has been using silver as raw material for jewellery. Its magnificent metallic lustre and high ductility as well as malleability make it appropriate for making jewellery. Also it is stable in air and water so it do not get degrade easily. Another argue of using it as raw material in jewellery...

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Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry is widely seen as the most widely used jewelry available on the market. They are offer in various styles as well as colors. Since it has been produce into exclusive designs, a number of fashion enthusiasts really enjoy it. In many cases, someone needs silver jewelry to beautify their gorgeous dresses. Even though there are many different kinds of silver decorations on the market, you have to be thoroughly careful when preferring one on your…

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How To Avoid Common Cycling Mistakes

Posted by Art Of Legend India [dot] Com On 11:28 PM
Avoid Common Cycling Mistakes
Short Summary: It is easy to become overly enthusiastic and make some common cycling mistakes.

Without a doubt, cycling is a great way for a person to achieve their fitness goals. Studies have shown that cycling on a regular basis has a significant impact on the cyclists health. This includes increased cardiovascular health and capacity, lower bad cholesterol levels, improved muscle tone and reduced anxiety levels. It has also been shown to reduce or reverse the progression of diabetes and high blood pressure.
All of these health benefits are great, but if you rush into a cycling program without any forethought it can have the opposite intended effect. It is easy to become overly enthusiastic and make some common cycling mistakes. Mistakes that can easily result in injury. Pulled hamstrings, overexertion and biking accidents can not only be serious, but can seriously derail any cycling program. Below you will find some of the most common cycling mistakes and how to avoid them. This will not only allow you to bike safely, but it will also allow you to derive the maximum benefits from this form of physical activity.

1. Not Consulting A Doctor First

Many people rush into cycling before checking with their doctor or health care provider first. This is a big mistake. Cycling might look like a leisurely activity that doesn't require physical exertion but that is not the case. Before starting any form of physical activity you should always consult your doctor. Only a doctor can determine if you are healthy enough to begin a cycling program. A doctor can also help you determine your particular health limitations and how hard you can push yourself.

2. Doing Too Much At First

Another common mistake many people make is trying to accomplish too much too fast. When you are beginning a cycling program for the first time, you need to give your body time to adjust. This may mean mean cycling 2 or 3 times a week at first, and then slowly working up to a daily schedule.

3. Overexertion

Some people also try to push themselves harder than they really should be pushing themselves. This is usually done under the false presumption that if there is no pain, then there is no gain. If you are experiencing pain or extreme discomfort, then you are pushing yourself too hard and need to tone it down a bit. Ignoring your bodies signals can lead to a serious injury.

4. Not Taking The Proper Safety Precautions

Cycling – Common Mistakes And How To Avoid Them Many cycling accidents happen because of a poorly maintained bike or improper safety equipment. It is important that the bike is maintained and in good working order. Make sure that all bolts are tight, that the brakes are working properly and that the tires are properly inflated. It is equally important that you also have the proper safety equipment. This includes a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads. Keeping these in mind will greatly reduce the risk of a serious injury from an accident.

5. Not Learning Basic Bicycle Operation

The last common cycling mistake that many beginning cyclists make is not learning how to control the bike properly. There is more to bike riding than just keeping your balance. Proper cycling involves learning how to corner correctly, how to brake on descents and the proper gears to use during climbs.

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