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A painting is equal to thousand words, means a beautiful painting is equal to million of words. Paintings are one of the oldest art forms -- throughout history artists have played an important role in documenting social movements, spiritual beliefs and general life and culture.

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Shortcut Romeo - A Crime Thriller Ready To Hit Your Hearts

Posted by Art Of Legend India [dot] Com On 10:44 PM
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A Thriller and Crime based movie

Short Summary: Shortcut Romeo, a film starring Neil Nitin Mukesh, Puja Gupta and Ameesha Patel in main leads, has been creating quite a buzz in the media and in entertainment

Shortcut Romeo, a film starring Neil Nitin Mukesh, Puja Gupta and Ameesha Patel in main leads, has been creating quite a buzz in the media and in entertainment circles. Neil Nitin Mukesh, whose Bollywood career has not been well since quite some time, will be seen in an altogether new avatar. His look in the movie is being appreciated by the trade pundits. The viewers will like the look and might be it would be followed by the moviegoers.

Shortcut Romeo’, a crime thriller, is the direction and productions of the south’s famed filmmaker Susi Ganeshan. The film is a Hindi remake of Susi’s own Tamil movie ‘Thiruttu Payale (2006)’. Neil plays the main hero and Puja enacts his love interest in the film whereas the Bollywood sexy siren Ameesha Patel, whose film career too has been a lackluster, will be seen playing the negative role.

On January 25th, 2013 the official theatrical trailer of the film was unveiled. At the recently held Cannes Film Festival 2013, the film was screened at Marche du Film where the director-producer with his two leading ladies – Puja Gupta and Ameesha Patel appeared for the screening. The movie is slated for June 21st release all over.


The movie tells the story of Suraj (Neil Nitin Mukesh) who is good for nothing guy. His violent attitude in the house is disturbing for all. He injures his younger brother and then he is sent to Mumbai from Goa at his uncle’s abode. One day, he sees a couple making love in a golf course. He shoots the lovemaking. He comes to know that the lovemaking was an extramarital affair between the couple. Then he also finds out that the lovers – Monica (Ameesha Patel) and her beau Ashish are affluent. This leads him to negativity and he starts blackmailing Monica, who offers him good money in return of the lovemaking video. But he refuses and instead wants her to keep paying him for his luxurious life forever. With no other option in place, she has to stoop to him.

Shortcut RomeoSuraj gets his Kenya tour sponsored from Monica and goes for holidaying there with his pals. Whenever Monica tries to outsmart Suraj, she fails in her efforts. In Kenya, he bumps into Sherry (Puja Gupta), who too is a well to do girl. He begins loving her. From here, he starts realizing that love is more important than money in life. Cat and mouse game keeps happening between Suraj and Monica. Twist in tale takes place when Rahul, Monica’s husband, takes the services of a detective to know the matter. What happens next is what forms the suspense of the movie for the viewers.

More on Film:

Initially it was reported that Emraan Hashmi will play the main lead in the movie. And of the two - Bipasha Basu and Deepika Padukone, one of them will play the negative role. But later the things were clear when the filmmaker announced about Neil playing the protagonist and Ameesha Patel playing antagonist in the movie. Richa Gangopadhyay was the first choice for the leading lady but after the differences took place between the director and her, Puja Gupta was taken on board.

Himesh Reshammiya has composed the soundtrack of the movie. Few of the songs have been igniting the music charts. Khali Salam Dua has been enjoying good position on the charts. Mohit Chauhan has sung this romantic track with super ease and class. The movie is expected to hit the hearts 
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