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Why Electronic Cigarettes Are Becoming So Popular

Posted by Art Of Legend India [dot] Com On 3:30 AM
Electronic Cigarettes Are Becoming So Popular
Short Summary: The growth and now acceptance of E-Cigarettes has been tremendous. Find out why celebrities and peers now accept and seem to endorse this product...

 The Growth of E-Cigarettes

Over the past few decades, anti-smoking campaigns have wiped out smoking in most public places and created a stigma around the very idea of smoking cigarettes.  It should be no wonder then that electronic cigarettes have boomed in popularity since they were introduced on the market a few years ago.  E-cigs aim to take the negativity out of smoking and release those who smoke from the myriad of restrictions and bans they face. 

The Main Problems Non Smokers have with Smoking?

What's the main issue most people have with cigarette smoke?  The smoke itself.  It's carcinogenic not only to those who light up, but to anyone unfortunate enough to be near a lingering cloud of smoke.  The smell clings to hair, clothes, and furniture.  Who wouldn't want a way to avoid that?  Electronic cigarettes provide freedom from the fumes while enabling smokers to still enjoy a cigarette, just in a new form.  Not only is the tar smoke gone, but so are the harmful chemicals.  A liquid concentrate of water and food additives is combined with flavorings and nicotine and is vaporized for the user to inhale.  What comes out of the e-cigarette is odorless, safe, and unoffensive.  Plus, the concentrate is available in varying concentrations of nicotine, or completely nicotine free. 

Are E-Cigarettes any Different?

Not only do e-cigs eliminate unpleasant smoke, they allow smokers to remain part of the group.  When was the last time you went into a restaurant, bar, or other establishment that freely allowed smoking?  Or went to someone's house and did not have to step outside to enjoy a cigarette?  The general public, even other smokers, don't appreciate being subjected to tobacco smoke.  While smoking bans are unpopular with smokers, they do create cleaner environments and fresher air for everyone.  E-cigarettes are a far cleaner way to smoke, and the best part is that it doesn't cause discomfort for you or anyone you are with. 

Because of the obvious adverse side-effects of tobacco-based cigarettes, those who elect to smoke are often at times viewed in a somewhat negative manner - a sort of “tisk-tisk,” finger wagging, chastising attitude.  After all, why would you knowingly put harmful substances in your body?  Nevertheless, people make the choice to smoke.  By switching to e-cigs, smokers are vastly reducing their intake of hazardous chemicals and also combatting some of the stereotypes surrounding smokers. 

Electronic Cigarettes
Hollywood has also taken note of the electronic cigarette revolution.  This cradle of fashion, trends, and all things ultra-hip has embraced e-cigs as a new way to smoke.  Stars like Katherine Heigl, Johnny Depp, and Leonardo di Caprio, among others, have all been spotted using these new devices.  For those without the super-deep pockets of Hollywood stars, e-cigarettes also provide another benefit – lower cost.  A typical 200 pack equivalent of e-cigarettes will cost substantially less than 200 cigarette equivilent of tobacco-based cigarettes.  And who doesn't love a good bargain? 

In Summary

There are numerous benefits to electronic cigarettes compared to typical tobacco-based ones.  With such a clear cut difference in health, perception, and cost, the vaulting popularity of these products can only be beginning.  As with all technology, there are sure to be many more advancements in years to come. 

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