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9 Strange Birthday Party Traditions From Around The World

Posted by Art Of Legend India [dot] Com On 1:47 AM
9 Strange Birthday Party Traditions From Around The World Short Summary: Birthday celebrations are the most joyous kind, and definitely the most versatile. Here are some intriguing birthday customs from around the world.

Could there be anything better than the sound of children laughing, the smell of freshly baked cake, and the ‘riiip’ of wrapping paper?

Well, according to various countries around the world, there is. Birthday traditions are common in many countries and are found in the strangest and obscurest places - though a few are hiding right under our noses.

These customs are an interesting peek into different cultures and a step towards better understanding. They might even give you moms and dads out there some cool ideas on how to make parties fun and educational.

So let’s celebrate! Here are nine of the strangest birthday party traditions from around the world.    

1) Let’s begin close to home. In Ireland, the lucky boy or girl is lifted upside down and ‘bumped’ on the floor as many times as the number of years they are old. Plus an extra little bump for good luck, of course. 

A birthday blessing is given each year. These are often funny, but always heartfelt: "May you have the hindsight to know where you've been, the foresight to know where you're going, and the insight to know when you've gone too far."

2) In Australia, the partygoers eat Fairy Bread. This is basically buttered bread with sprinkles on the top.

3) In China and Vietnam, every child’s birthday is celebrated on exactly the same day. That’s to say, on New Year’s Day (Tet). Every baby born in that year (Be it in January 20 or December 31st) turns one on that day.

Parents give their children red envelopes with ‘Lucky Money’ (li xi) inside.

4) In Israel, the boy or girl wears a crown of flowers and leaves and sits in a streamer festooned. The parents lift the chair whilst guests dance around it, singing and celebrating.

5) In Nepal, a mix of rice, yoghurt and coloring is placed on the celebrating child’s head, for good luck.

6) In Nigeria, a massive party is held on the child’s first birthday. Hundreds of guests consume a roasted cow or goat and jollof rice, which contains tomato, rice, peppers, onions and cassava.

7) In Norway, party guests go ‘fishing’. The play Fishing for Ice Cream: everyone pulls up an icy sweet treat on a string. Much better than fish, I should think!

The celebrating child stands at the front of the class and may choose a partner to dance with, while the rest of the children sing happy birthday.

Birthday Party 8) The Winnebago Native American Indians have huge parties which last well into the night. The cake is show to all the guests and it’s a great honor to be asked to cut it.

Children also play a ‘hand game’. Where an adult holds a stone or small stick and the little partiers must guess which hand it is in.

9) In Denmark, a flag is flown out of the window to show that someone is having their birthday. Presents are placed around the bed of the child while they are sleeping, so that they are first thing he/she sees on waking up.

There are countless birthday practices from around the globe, and some are truly inspired. Whether it be presents around your bed, spicy rice dishes, anointment with colored yoghurt or eating Fairy Bread until it comes out of your ears, these celebrations are special and adaptable. Why not try them? They make for some of the best children’s parties I’ve ever heard of.

Have you heard of any strange or exciting birthday traditions? Share them in the comments below.

Caitlin White is a single mum of a boisterous almost-two year old, and a fanatic about kid’s parties. When she isn’t planning the next cake, she’s writing about birthdays and yummy things. She blogs for All About Party Bags

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