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Handicrafts are devices or works of art that are made completely by hand or by the use of relatively simple tools. Such goods are usually made in the traditional way of manufacturing goods. Therefore, the knowledge of the art of craft is usually passed down from one generation to another. The items made using these traditional methods of manufacturing are usually produced in smaller quantities and they often represent the culture or religious beliefs of the community that makes them. The goods are also handmade from natural materials that are found in the environment of the particular economy.

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A painting is equal to thousand words, means a beautiful painting is equal to million of words. Paintings are one of the oldest art forms -- throughout history artists have played an important role in documenting social movements, spiritual beliefs and general life and culture.

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Scandinavian House Design

Posted by Art Of Legend India [dot] Com On 10:36 PM
All White Scandinavian House Designs
Short Summary: A new fashion in the world of the house interior is the so-called 'Scandinavian style'.

A new fashion in the world of the house interior is the so-called 'Scandinavian style'. It can be characterized as a classical and easily achieved one. The word, that best describes this style, is 'refinement'. That means that if you've planned to use this type of interior for your home, you will have to get rid of all the decorative souvenirs in the bedroom and the living room. Also, you will need some wood material, and simple minimalistic forms.

Color scheme

The color scheme of the walls has to be in white, light blue, yellow and green paint. They should be in a bit plainer colors, since they are supposed to contrast on the rest of the furniture. The frames of the doors and windows must be suitable to the main color scheme.

They are no certain rules, which tell you how many colors you are supposed to include in the painting of your rooms. But you will definitely have to be ready for compromising. Anyway, before you start dealing with the furniture of the house, you will have to consider whether you want to achieve a strictly fresh effect or a delicate elegance. A blinding, snowy whiteness or the softness of the cream - Scandinavian style gives you only these two options. Nevertheless, no matter which color scheme your choose, the final result will be a bright, classic interior. This is a great decision for rooms with high ceilings and large windows.

If you like patterns and you don't want to exclude them as a part of the house decoration, you can use some checkered cotton fabrics in light red or blue colors. It can be a part of the upholstery or some tablecloth. Also, in order to make your home cozy, you can put two or three bright objects, in order to contrast with the rest of the interior. A great solution can be e deep, red fruit bowl or vase, which you can put on the dining table. Another suggestion (and perhaps the cheapest and the easiest one) is to hang a pair of cooking gloves somewhere on the stove or some small, decorative towels at the kitchen sink.


As for the floor, laminate (or some other wooden floors) are suitable if you want to give an authentic Scandinavian flavor to your home. In addition you can put a small rug, which will provide you warmth and comfort.


Beautiful Scandinavian Style Interiors
Furniture is another factor, on which you will have to pay special attention. Considering the final result, that you want to achieve, it is also something that has to be carefully selected. Wooden furniture is, especially the one with wooden feet and doors, is a very good solution. At last, but not least, make sure that you make the best choice in terms of lighting. This is the most important aspect when it comes to achieving an authentic Scandinavian interior design. Also, this is the best way for you to make your home bright, cozy and fancy. If you don't have large windows and you are afraid that the rooms look a bit darker, you can use mirrors. Place them strategically in each room, so that it looks a bit brighter.

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