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Top 10 Italian Female Fashion Models

Posted by Art Of Legend India [dot] Com On 10:37 PM
Italian Female Fashion ModelsShort Summary: Italy is undoubtedly the biggest fashion hub of the world. Milan's fashion scene is what is most popular in the world. 

italian models

Italy is undoubtedly the biggest fashion hub of the world. Milan’s fashion scene is what is most popular in the world. Milan Fashion Week too emerges as the world’s biggest fiesta every year where the top notch and all fashion models of the world come to hit the scene. In a capsule, Italy is the world’s giant fashion abode for the models and brands. Italy has produced many famed names of the modeling. Italian fashion models are well-known and enjoy mammoth fame and richness. We have compiled the 10 female fashion models of Italy in this article. Let’s check out the top 10 female Italian fashion models.

10. Elisabetta Gregoraci

The most gorgeous and the sexiest fashion model of Italy, Elisabetta Gregoraci lands on number tenth on the list. She is the famous Italian fashion model and television celeb. Born on 8th February 1980, Gregoraci is a big name on fashion scene. She is married to Flavio Briatore and has a kid.

9. Bianca Balti

29-year-old Bianca was born on 19th March 1984 in Lodi. She is a famous Italian fashion model and is a recognized name in the world. Having a height of 5' 9", Balti has appeared on many famous magazine covers so far like Vogue, Harper’s Bazar, W, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire. She has also appeared on men’s magazine Playboy and given her manifestation on Victoria’s Secret show in 2005.

8. Kasia Smutniak

Kasia is at number 8th on the list. She was born on August 13, 1979 in Pila, Poland. But she is an Italian fashion model. She is fluent in many languages such as Polish, Italian, English and Russian. Her partner is Pietro Taricone and she has a kid as well.

7. Federica Fontana

She is a popular fashion model. But besides modeling, this gorgeous and sexy babe also does television shows’ hosting. She is a TV sports announcer as well. Federica was born in Monza, Italy on 30th April 1977.

6. Anna Falchi

Anna is a really gorgeous and heart-hitting sexy siren of the fashion scene. This 41-year-old Italian fashion model was born on 22nd April 1972 in Tampere, Finland. She works in both countries –Italy and Finland being a model and actress. Anna Falchi has appeared in many renowned brands’ commercial and on magazines’ covers.

5. Carla Bruni

This name is most famous for being the wife of the then President of the French Republic Nicolas Sarkozy. She married with him in 2008. Carla is 45 years old and is still hot and happening. Carla has done many famed photo shoots and appeared on many ramps, commercials and covers.

4. Elisabetta Canalis

Number 4th position is grabbed by the Italy’s most sexiest and gorgeous babe of tinsel town. She is a famous fashion model and actress. She is all the time on headlines for her weird actions, wilder things and affairs. Born on 12th September 1978, Elisabetta is 5' 7", She is the center of attention for all the brands and magazines. She makes her appearance on almost all the leading covers.

3. Melissa Satta

 Italian Female Fashion ModelsShe is a famous Italin fashion model, who is also a TV presenter, socialite and communications expert. Born on February 7, 1986, Melissa is a name the tabloids keep making stories on. Satta had started her modeling career at the age of 16 in 2002. Since then she has been a famed name of the fashion industry.

2. Giorgia Palmas

Number second position on the list is for Giorgia Palmas – the much famed Italian fashion model and TV personality. On the Italian TV show Striscia la notizia, her appearances made her a household name. She has appeared on various famous magazines covers so far but her wild photo shoot for Max Magazine made her real famous.

1. Monica Bellucci

Well, the 1st position on the list of the top Italian fashion models is captured by none other than Monica Bellucci. She is a popular name of the Italy’s fashion and television industry. Her spouses are Vincent Cassel (married 1999) and then Claudio Carlos Basso ( 1990 to 1994).  She has kids as well. For more information please read here.

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