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Travelling On Business? How Not To Bring Home Pests In Your Luggage

Posted by Art Of Legend India [dot] Com On 3:22 AM

Travelling On BusinessSummary: This article offers before and after advice for travelers to help them stay safe from pests during their trip and to avoid bringing infestations back home.

When going on a business trip it is best to prepare before you hit the road. If you familiarize yourself with the travel experiences of others you will find that an unpleasant complaint is the problem of inadvertently bringing back bedbugs and other pests in their luggage. Though there are handy websites and forums to visit to check which hotels are known not to be problematic, you can never tell if the hotel you researched and found to be clean will be infested when you get there.

Before You Go On Your Business Trip

Remember that how you pack for your business trip will make a huge difference in keeping annoying pests away during your trip. Here are some tips.

  1. Invest in large sized resealable bags and have all your belongings sorted and stored inside them before packing them in your luggage. Check for any holes and make sure that you seal them properly because even the tiniest opening can allow pests to get in.

  1. Opt for luggage with hard exteriors and latches for locks, instead of cloth luggage with zippers as these can allow insects such as bed bugs to get in. Luggage with hard exteriors does not have folds and seams, and they completely close thus eliminating any gaps. However, if you must use cloth luggage, choose those with lighter colors do you can easily spot any wandering insects.

  1. Bring clothing that can be laundered in hot water because you will want to wash and dry your clothes in hot temperatures when you get back home. This will help kill any pests you had managed to bring home with you.


After Your Business Trip

Travelling On Business? How Not To Bring Home Pests In Your Luggage
At the end of your business trip and after you leave your hotel, place your luggage in a large garbage bag, knot it tightly and place it in the trunk of your car. When you get home, these tips can help you ensure that no bugs have managed to hitch a ride with you.

  1. Unpack your luggage carefully and place all your clothing in the washing machine and washed at the highest possible setting. After washing your clothes, have them dried at high temperature for at least 30 minutes.

  1. If you have items that can not be washed or placed in high heat, you may want to have them frozen instead. Have your items sorted and sealed in resealable bags before placing them inside a freezer for at least five days, though having them frozen much longer will be best.

  1. Always inspect your electronic gadgets and other items that can not be placed under heat. Be sure to do the inspection in your garage, anywhere else outdoors or in a place with limited carpeting and furniture.

  1. Before you have your luggage put back in storage after unpacking, make it a point to inspect them most especially if they are made from cloth. Inspect the lining, pockets, zippers, seams and piping. You can steam clean your cloth luggage before storing them in resealable bags, while hard luggage can be wiped and fabric interiors steamed clean as well before storing.

Valerie Williams is a freelance writer specializing in natural pest control solutions. She blogs about different pest control tips for travelers, while recommending Preventive Pest Control for professional pest control services.

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